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Craving finger snaps

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All it takes to send you into the rabbit hole is one little finger snap… in fact, you CRAVE finger snaps… and I exploit your desire to hear My pretty manicured fingers snap by teasing and taunting with the tease of a snap that I make you work for…

You’ll be feeling REAL physical feelings like craving and withdraw feelings as I pretend to snap my fingers over and over making you ache and your cock drool just waiting for me to really do it

WOW the way this clip provokes your physical responses and induces an almost anxiety while I tease you with the upcoming finger snap… your mind also is constantly on the edge of going into an instant state of trance zombie mode…

After making you get naked and on your knees, you must work and offer up yourself and in lou… I snap My fingers over and over knocking you deeper and deeper into your own stupidity…

After I snap My fingers you start to drool and become a total wimpy mind fuck moron who falls hard for me!

$19.99 / 9 minutes long /

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