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aww you wish you could land an exotic hottie like me but instead all you get are boring vanilla basic plain Jane types that dont even make your dick hard haha
look at my luscious lips, my exotic curves, my dark 24/7 tanned skin and my biracial features… its all so hot and sexy. Not to mention what a vivacious tasty Princess I am with amazing style – I make your cock throb so hard and too bad for you – you are NOT good enough for me!!!
I make fun of the boring plain girls you get, and then taunt and tease you and flaunt myself around and act like an arrogant little prick tease who admits she only uses you for profit and entertainment
adore my pretty face, sexy makeup job, my dark big brown bambi eyes, my shiny pouty full lips, my cute little round button nose and amazing cute outfit… ahhh too bad you didnt suck so bad and you weren’t a real man – you might be able to get an exotic amazing Princess like me!
I make you desire me while I emasculate you and insult your current gf/wife

8:20 minutes long / $8.99 /


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