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Customer Reviews

By Akilesh sha on October 26th, 2014 at 7:31 pm

Hi mistress,
I want to give my life new purpose and existence. I am looking for complete ownership including financial control. The type of financial control and life control goes something like this:

I would like to you force me to work 2 high paying jobs and have me deposit my checks into your account. I would like for you to have me move into a very frugal apartment. An efficiency if you will & make me discontinue all of my luxuries I used to have like Directv, Wifi, etc. Not allowed to use AC or heat or electricity. I would also hope you would not allow me to have health insurance or doctor visits. I would be willing to liquidate all of my furniture and all other living properties when I would move. I could simply sleep on an air-bed or the floor with not even a lamp in the entire apartment. Allow me to only have money for minimal necessities to live on….you keep the rest. You would give me a small amount of money to live on weekly, much like welfare. Anything I even spent my welfare money on, I would have to get permission first. You would only allow me to shop for clothes at a thrift shop. I would only be allowed to eat dog food daily. I would always be forced to wear the spiked chastity device from Dungeondelights.comcalled the sxysadist. It has very long spikes in it and causes constant discomfort and pain. You would force me to wear this 24/7, even while working both my jobs and sleeping at night. I would hardly ever sleep well. But it would all be to please You. I would also like to have remote control shock device attached to my cock 24/7 so my Mistress can randomly shock me and wake me up in the middle of the night very frequently simply to ensure I never sleep well and to keep me in constant misery and turmoil. I would always wonder when I would get another shock after I dozed off again. I also fully enjoy being a personal ashtray while being forced to eat the cigarette butts over and over again in public. I enjoy constantly having cigarettes being stubbed on my tongue too, over and over in public. I would like to eat all butts and my Mistress store all of her butts when I am not around so that I may eat them as well and clean all her ashtrays in her house. I want to be responsible for eating ALL of her butts throughout each week. I am ultimately looking for a Mistress to take complete control of my entire life including how I dress, what I eat, how I walk, while constantly humiliating me in public and causing extreme mental struggles with chastity and other reminders of the fact that you are in charge and complete control at all times. I simply love being forced to do things I don’t want to do. I would hope you would make my life utterly miserable. Basically a consensual, non-consensual, situation is ultimately what I am looking for.
Hopefully you are truly up for something as extravagant as this.


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