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Deep Brainwashing MP3: Masturbation Addiction

This devilishly brainwashing MP3 will capture your mind in a multidimensional way… My deviant words, and impressions left on your vulnerable mind will be all the more powerful as Iv so brilliantly layered softly in the background brainwaves (vibrational frequencies) that will subconsciously open your mind right up to me and allow me to forever brand my brainwashing in your head!!!

This deviant MP3 is going to make you an addict to jerking off – you wont even want pussy anymore… your sex life with your wife, GF, or whoever is OVER…The only place you will want to put your dick is in your hand! – Oh and thats not it… Im brainwashing you to be a chronic masturbater, so your going to be hard all the time, and hard for your hand… You think your a fucked up little loser now? Just wait until you are addicted to jerking off 24/7… In this MP3 I leave suggestions for you to jerk off now, making you jerk your cock the whole way through ONLY to want to keep on jerking it even after you blow your nerd load and the feeling is gone… your STILL going to have the deep need to wank your pecker! JOI-brainwashing-hypno- masturbation instructions

Length: 9 Minutes

Price: $25.00

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JOI | Brainwashing | Hypno Masturbation | Hypnosis

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