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Sacrificial Puppet task

9 February, 2013

sacrificial puppet boy assignment

This sexy, intense and Mindy-serving list of 30 sacrifices or pleasures you must do or make for me…  you are treated as a sacrificial puppet slave… You’ll be worshiping, adoring, wanking, being teased, and denied all the while getting used and furthering Me!!!

haha ahh yes a true beautiful mastermind… I am making you sacrifice yourself all for my gain and shits n giggles!

You’ll be humiliated, turned on and used like a nameless numbered slave robot… Can you do them all? Some of them take a MONTH to finish… you cock could get OWNED, while your wallet gets played with… your body used as a function bot and mind toyed with! HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO Satisfy me? how much will you sacrifice to entertain me?

30 easy to do but not all easily done, fun, humiliating, tease, ball busting FETISH FEMDOM sacrificial puppet demands assignment!

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