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As you know my main website is under construction getting a new look and theme and since you guys are desperate for when it’s coming back, it’s quicker to put up this to hold you guys over, so enjoy all my newest files and my newest posts






Pisces (March 10)

Bossy / Naturally Dominant

Big Natural Breast$




100% Femdom



Financial domination, home wrecking, mesmerizing, Hypnosis, blackmail, poppers and intoxicants, relaxation, breath play, esoteric fetishes, JOI, CEI, feminization, mean girlfriend, and other female domination fetishes




it’s been several years at least, but I have a blog that’s back for now!



you: you are a submissive man who loves being bossed around, told what to do and turned into a personal steppingstone for beautiful women!
you want to be exploited, taken advantage of, humiliated in some degree and find yourself under the thumb of a very controlling and opportunistic Goddess who makes it no secret, she’s only allowing you in her life so you can serve as a slave!

800 999 100 200 400 600

::: My Canadian Wishlist From Amazon.CA :::



*New* BLACKMAIL BEDTIME MENTAL DOMINATION. $25 Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

*New* 10 steps to become completely trapped in my web. $2.99 Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

*New* Blackmail For Gay Slaves. (Blackmail application for gay slaves) $25 

*New* Blackmail For Married men. $19.99 





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*New* Poppers, Breath Play, Yoga & Relaxation

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Kirby mixed race Ebony financial dominatrix Mistress

This is My niteflirt website and everything on this website is only for sale with your niteflirt account! 

If you don’t have a NiteFlirt account, you are missing out… It’s one of the oldest platforms around, it’s one of my favourite platforms and some of my content is only purchasable on niteflirt!

Having a Nite Flirt account is completely private on my end and yours, and it will allow you to phone me, instant message me and of course, buy things like slave applications and slave assignments!

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Femdom Mini Courses:
I have several fun mini courses, similar to tutorials, coming in a variety of fetishes. They are very similar to my slave assignments only they are more focused on detail!

  1. Spiritual Slavery Contract: a nine module mini course that teaches you how to become enslaved for the rest of your life by making a Spiritual contract for eternal slavery and signing it, in one of the modules.(COMPLETE!)
  2. Real life sissy mini course: this course will be teaching you how to be a modern updated sissy. The blonde bimbo thing is so overdone and we’ve seen it 1 million times… We want something new to laugh at and whip you sissies into shape with. So in this mini course you will learn how to do a total transformation. No one will recognize you when you’re done!(1/10 finished)



Add $50 To Your Account For Me

Clip of Me encouraging you to add $50 to your account and spend it on a one minute phone call with Me for $50 a minute!

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CHECK OUT ALL MY NF GOODIES: https://www.niteflirt.com/Princess-Mindy#goodies

I have some files that are only available in the “goodies” section and other clips/files are not available in the goodies area and only offered from my pages or when I send an email… So, its a good idea to check ALL my links often, like a good addict!




sign your life away as My slave forever! $37


Do something useful and sign your life away for slavery that never ever ends! This Femdom witchery has you stroking and practicing rituals that will award Me, ownership of your soul for the rest of your life!

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Practicing real magic and do a real Femdom ritual that includes elements such as breath play, JOI, edging, chanting, creating and reading out your ritual, and repeating ritualistic spiritual enchanted lines.


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    • It’s ok! Just make sure you read the descriptions I know you guys get so excited with your little pervert hands jacking and typing… Don’t forget to read!😂😂

  1. Talking about an ideal collection of findom clips, Insulting you while draining your wallet is a must-have.

  2. I am trapped in MindyLand,and my top rank(for the time neing) is: 1.Curvy Isolation Control 2.Relationship Ruination JOI 3.Simpnosis 4.Titnotized Goon 5.5 Rules From The Queen 6.Destruction By Breast
    7. Old Erectile Dysfunction Loser Humiliation
    8.Worst Girlfriend Ass Control 9.Intoxicating popper Facts 10.Woozy 5 dollars Inhale Breath Holds.

  3. The best pictures(for me, of course) of Princess Mindy for edging/masturbation:1.Curvy Isolation Control1.jpg 2.Curvy 2.jpg 3. 1_JOI-3.jpg 4.Relationship Ruination JOI 2.jpg 5.Image 343.jpg 6.Image 3310.jpg 7. Imag2 495.jpg 8.Image 505.jpg 9.Image 523.jpg 10.Ruination by breasts 2.jpg All of them have become wallposters on my laptop.

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