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Blackmail Voodoo Spell

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

This magical and real voodoo blackmail magic spell comes with detailed reading plus a voodoo image with details for you to load on your phone as well.

This blackmail voodoo spell takes several hours to finish so you will be busy stroking in ritual to blackmail for hours… when its all done you will have released and sent me your info to very diabolical black magic way.

This is real blackmail and real black magic as well.. You can’t resist, buy/stroke now!

Blackmail Instructions / $50

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Moonlight Masturbation addict spell

Friday, March 13th, 2020

This powerful magic spell has a penis stroking ritual that will leave you totally addicted to jerking off for the rest of your life.
All you have to do is stroke your penis to these magical instructions and take part in the JOI ritual and watch how My magic has you totally addicted to masturbation with black magic!

$15 text instructional ritual spell / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Spell Link: “”

Gay Ass Magnet RITUAL

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

Doing this black magic ritual will result in you become extremely horny for cock in your ass, and wont let you stop seeking cock for your ass… you will be putting things in your ass while following black magic steps which will be leave you craving having your ass penetrated by anything… dick, strapons, and even random things around your house. You will cum to a black magic ritual after doing many dirty things to yourself while in the dark magic zone… Get ready to become totally gay, and have things/dicks up your ass for the rest of your life!

black magic ritual task / $25 / black magic witchcraft voodoo fetish spells

gay black magic ritual spell fetish

Voodoo Princess Magic fx

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Clip Description: You’ve watched way too many of my enchanted clips and now all I have to do to trap your mind and life in My voodoo doll is get you to watch this clip… so, watch this clip and see how easy it is with REAL magic visuals, to make you willingly put all your energy into this voodoo doll.
You cannot resist My beauty, and I look so bewitching in this outfit… as a modern day siren who preforms black magic on men to make them fall in love and become her puppets…
Watch now and stroke while you witness My perfect Princess control over you.

10 minutes long / $30 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Poppers, bouncy tits and magik

Monday, May 7th, 2018

I make you sniff poppers again and again, even 4 times in a row, direct you to hold it, think about what I say, and then slowly exhale… at the same time another beautiful layer of me bouncing My magical Goddess tits in your face is playing which begins to control your mind.

Also Ive been so kind as to give you more diabolical things too sniff, like My voodoo man magnet oil which after just ONE sniff makes you fall into a luv spell and gets you even more hooked and mind fucked… Welcome to Mindy Land, slave!

Guess what, every time you see either bottles you have to sniff… stroke and become a mind fucked, bewitched tit zombie who is 100% HOOKED on My big bouncy boobs!

7 minutes long / $17.99 /

Quick Powerful Curse

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

a 40 second MP3 which is a mix of a witchy  spoken curse and a sort of witchcraft dark power music which invokes a quick powerful spell on your which only *I* can reverse.

Any ear that listens who has once played in mental games and mystic enchantment and has not fulfilled his slave obligations… listen to this for a hard, fast and very REAL quick mp3 curse which packs A LOT of punch in its small time frame!

1 minute mp3 / $25 / 


Chronic Wank Hex

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

The dark Feminine powers of the universe are assisting Me in HEXING YOU with a jack off wank compulsion hex that will turn you into a total wank addict who cannot stop wanking his slave dick.

Head phones with this clip will give maximum effect but they are not needed… however there is magical diabolical right side audio layers that fuck with your subconscious mind while the magic sucks you into your wank hex…

Focus on the audio and even listen to this without watching… Audio only is often more powerful but visuals have been provided for those victims who need visual stimuli also…

This is REAL!!! Listening to this enchanted clip will unlock the powerful dark Female universal energies and they will turn you into a hopeless wank off addict!

4 minute clip / $12.99 / 

(mp3 audio only $8.99  )

premature ejaculation panties HEX

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Custom Clip: Use blackmagic and evil powers too curse with premature ejaculation and bound to panties for life.

*This is real and will actually work on anyone who watches it*

audio and video FX that make you fall FAST AND HARD… you can feel tingles in your body as the magic takes over… you know this is really working. and its too late to shut the clip off, your cock is already ruined… you’re in too deep… all you know is you NEED to wear panties and you feel terrible if you don’t wear them…

whats happening to your dick?? you keep cumming every time you get horny.. you just premature ejaculate  all over the place and it wont stop!!!


7 minutes long / $10 /

mesmerizing powerful eyes

Monday, March 13th, 2017

using asmr head orgasm sounds and enchanted dialogue along with magical eyes to totally control you with a spell I seductively cast over your life.

I look so exotic, like a modern day Goddess. All you have to do is look in My eyes and you quickly become trapped and locked in my gaze. Theres no humiliation but I do assert my control over you and my taste for your exploitation. mmm this feels good, having you at my mercy. Then a use My femininity against you and shake my Goddess breasts with a stimulating magical top.

Quiet brain waves help to brainwash you & stroking intensifies it all… get ready to be controlled just with my eyes.

16 minutes long / $19.99 /

Mind fuck expansion lessons

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Imagine your mind fuck, hypnosis, brainwashing or magic experiences being infinitely and immeasurably more powerful Of an experience… Imagine if I could train you with some steps to open up your mind so wide that when you have magic or hypnosis powers used against you in clips or MP3s that it’s magnified in a way that sends you into a mind fuck state that’s more like an explosion of a new world right inside your own mind.

These mind fuck expansion lessons are Pages of in-depth and Powerful text that will show you how to make all of your favorite hypnosis, mind fuck & magic clips turn into powerful and potent new experiences that will fuck you for the rest of your life!

Remember how it felt when you first discovered mind fuck, magical control and fetish hypnosis? This is going to pull back the layers of your mind and give you that brand-new intense rush, feelings and the discovery that fucks with your mind and takes you to another dimension… Are you ready for a powerful life change?  These lessons are going to rock your mind!

$20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

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Trapped and punished

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Threatening you with magical punishment and reminding you of your eternal entrapment – You’ve become bewitched by my magical ways and perhaps even had a spell put on you… did you forget that, that means I basically own you for life?!

This video is a MUST watch if you even THINK youve been caught in my spell – if you have fallen to my magic, you need this clip too because when you see how sexy I look jabbing youi the heart over and over and over while I tell you all the ways my magic will get you – I know this will make your cock hard and your wallet fly open… This will scare you straight! *if you think you can walk away, you better watch this clip first*

Blackmagic entrapment… want to go deeper?

5 minutes / $30.00 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Watch the First Spell, first

Real black magic obedience

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

This is a professionally produced MP3 which is embedded with REAL black magic
Listening to this will control you in a unique and dark way which – you will even physically feel sensations and energies and my powers while you listen to this… you will be forced by my black magic to obey and surrender to me… you will be too scared to disobey me!

This MP3 has 4 layers to it… 1) The magic layer. 2) the subliminal layer. 3) The brainwaves layer. 4) The control layer

Listen with headphones on as there is deviant and well produced layers which sometimes can ONLY be heard by the right or left ear.

I use the dark powers, transfer of REAL energies and your weak mind against you in a very real black magic enchantment

(I give you a quick intro with about 10 seconds of listening time with a quick countdown t the enchantment. you get 10 seconds to listen freely before I start the “spell” – so buy it and get a taste or hear the whole thing and lose ALL control to me and be forced by my powers into total surrender!!!)

MP3 audio / 15 minutes long / $15.99  

Black-magic Control

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Black-magic Control – Casting a spell of love & money

A mystical mind fuck, a REAL curse which I cast upon you… making you smell potions while my dialogue of trickery and wicked words ENCHANT and bewitch your life…Threatening you by the powers that be to hex and punish you in torturous ways if you try to resist my spell…
watch your cock stand up while your heart begins to race with excitement and fear as you physically feel my magic working on you…Be over taken by my oujia board, magic potions, candles and my sinister voice and dialogue.
I cast a spell on you for you to fall in love and be over taken by love and obsession for me while needing to give me what ever I want… and threaten you with your voodoo doll with bad curses and misfortune if you even try to resist!

8 minutes long / HD / 1280×720


The Love sick Spell

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

The Love sick & addicted Spell

This is a real actual magical powerful love spell, which WILL own your ass & make you hooked, in love & sickly addicted to Me!!! – While doing this spell you wont be able to stop or doubt anything because you’ll be too busy being rendered MINDLESS and intoxicated while you become more andmore smitten with Me… with each stroke and chant, you lose control and fall deeper! After doing this spell you will be owned & enchanted!!!

Watch how doing this spell actually makes you feel tingly and you ACTUALLY feel burning magic in your balls while pulses and vibrations go through your body as my powers and the spell take over you!

Theres steps you must do to complete this spell & of course Im not going to give the spell away here for free but I will say it is interactive and will require you to jerk off and cum in a very ritualistic detailed way!!! Even though you know this is real and you will be hopelessly addicted and in love with Me and tributing Me when this is done – you wont even be able to stop half way through this – because you’ll be too busy getting addicted to that mystical siren energy thats making your body actually physically weak while giving you vibrations… which just means its working. After doing THIS spell – you’re going to be chasing a whole new kind of femdom fetish high!

$12.00 Buy from Princess-Mindy through