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Degraded public loser JOI

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Are you a serious loser who can handle REAL humiliation and even cum to it? I’m going to put you on a public degrading and humiliation assignment that will make you stroke and release in the grossest public place.

This is so you can prove to Me that you are a real actual loser boy who loves to be humiliated and do dumb things for Hot Females. You can’t impress Me easily, its going to take real humiliation, out in public and showing Me that you can get off when the pressure is on… anything for Me!

This is degrading, probably humiliating, it’s in public and its a lot of loser stroking. Losers Only! #SlaveAssignment #PublicTask #PublicJOI #PublicHumiliation #CEI

7 minutes long / $15 /

Build a Shrine to God Mindy

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Learn how to build a serious beta fan shrine to worship in true Femdom junkie fashion…

I give you all the steps needed so that you have ti engage and be active in this by getting supplies from in public and also the chance of looking stupid in public too. As well how to spend your life worshipping at the Shrine of God Mindy


losers and blackmail

Monday, April 10th, 2017

First I manipulate the hell out of your curious blackmail brain and basically make you horny for blackmail control with about a page of blackmail reading… Then after you’re drooling for blackmail, I give you a totally safe blackmail warm-up task that will get you used to the feeling of surrendering your information…

Scared to Hit Send? This blackmail warn-up task will leaving you loving the feeling of  sending your info and ready to hit send – buy this now and get a risk free taste of how it feels to send requested info and hit send.