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Sexless loser custom

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Custom clip: “I am a sexless, beta, cock tugging, one pump chump LOZER! I can’t get any pussy to save my life! ????

I have given up on trying to get sex!!! I need your sexy hot body, bratty snoby attatude that worthless beta males like myself adore to condition/mindfuck me into becoming a mindless cock tugger for your clothed perfect exotic body!

Please condition and mindfuck me to only get hard & lust for cruel clothed cock teasing for you Princess Mindy! Only camel toe, ass jigging, cleavage, jiggly tits, tight clothing, Loser symbol, Middle Finger, verbal humiliation & bra and panties will be the closest to nuidity I will ever get or deserve! ”

9 minutes / $10.99 /

virgin vibes humiliation

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Custom Clip: “So, basically, I’m 35 and still a virgin. I’ve had girlfriends in the past, but I’ve never been that intimate. I pretend that I have had sex, though, and tell others that, but you decide that’s not ok. With magic, you make sure that I give off virgin vibes that let girls know that I am a virgin, and that even if I say otherwise, they won’t believe it, even if they don’t say anything. You make girls more attractive and intimidating than before. I will be more jealous thinking about others having sex. I will also be encouraged to not watch porn, look at magazines, etc, as every time I do will only make things worse, and that I don’t deserve to see such things anyway if its not in person. I also will be made more susceptible to girls wiles. The video would finish with an orgasm. Jon”

10 minutes long / $10.99 /

Sexless nerd ass sniffing joi humiliation

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

you’re a nerdy sexless loser who cannot get any pussy for the life of him haha aww, lozer lozer, cant get any pussy!

I humiliate and make fun of you for being a sexless loser who’s cock is always sexually frustrated and turning you into an even more pathetic jack off addict.

I reduce you into a sock sniffing ass worshiping, jack off humiliated loser who is laughed at and given the loser sign. Then the middle finger and some more bratty insults while I tease you with My perfect Princess ass.

SEE thats the only sex you can have… with your palm while sticking your nose in my ass or socks while you jerk off and compulsively buy My clips and wank all night.

Look at my sweet ass and drool away… while My cheeks are spread while Im over top of you laughing because you’re a one pump chump who cant even get a drunk pity fuck. Your useless denied cock is going to explode when you get stroking to My bubble butt and then you get a mean cum countdown that makes you feel even more lame.

Sexless lozers and virgin nerds, this is for you!

8 minutes long / $17.99 /