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your wife is my sex toy 2

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

Ive got your wife/gf very well trained… shes my sex toy and I use her sexually and then make her clean my house and make her pay my bills and then send her home to you and thats why she doesnt fuck you any more… shes too busy being my human vibrator

I show you how I grab her hair and grind my pot of gold all over her dumb face then shew her away… “Make me cum and then get out of my sight, bitch” hahaha oh yeah, Im such a bitch… a hot bitch ;)why should I use sex toys from the adult toy stores, when I an just use your easy wife/gf?I send her home to you all used up with me on her breath… you get nothing because I use her and she likes me more than you.anyway, I end the clip by calling your wife to leave work and come over to lick my ass… just thought you’d like to know.. haha bye!

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Wife Rules PT1

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Orders 4 Married Men Im taking your home over even more with Wife Rules… which features 5 bad ass and uber ballsy new rules for your WIFE, which you must implement to your relationship or home… Your wife/gf wont even realize shes been used and exploited through my sneaky deviant ideas.

Im controlling your dick, orgasms and even sexy time with your gf or wife… Im running the show and just getting your wife/gf to unknowingly go along with these femdom rules is only the start. Your both getting controlled, owned and being put to Princess Mindy servitude!

Watch how your wife will be kissing my ass and made to be my bitch while you get put on lock down and Mindy Worship duties right in front of your wife/gf


have fun slave!