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Am I A man hater Or Do I Just like To Abuse men?

So I got several messages in my inbox today from this bitch named wayne… One of the messages contained this snippet

“Do you mind me asking if you dislike or hate men, or just enjoy being in charge and using men and controlling them?”

So, I just had to do a little mini blog about it!

First of all, I LOVE men… I think maybe some might be surprised to know how much of a perverse lil bad girl I can be… point is, I like men and I like them allot! Add to that, I am most certainly not a lesbian or even bi sexual, nor curious. I am absolutely all about Men and 100% straight! Now this doesnt mean Iv never had a few too many vodkas and experimented once, or twice, or a few times or so…  :mrgreen:

So, no, Im not a man hating lesbian… even though if I was it would be perfectly fine too…

financial dominationIm going to give the long version answer to the question…

Pretty much right after high school I made one of my first websites… it had a blog section, a photo gallery, and one separate photo gallery dedicated specifically to my socks! ***keep in mind at this time I didnt know anything about any of this… I was just a girl with a website and was expressing myself for my friends and I*** It also had a section I titled “the dirties”, which referred to My ex boyfriends. “the Dirties” was a page where I would trash my ex boyfriends… I had a page full of the fuckers too!

I would have their picture off to the left, and then I would give them ratings… 1 to 10 for their looks, cock size, how good they were in bed,over all how good of a BF they were and a couple of sentences of what ever else I wanted to say… The page was a fucking HIT! it almost kinda went viral in my social circle… My girlfriends would show their boyfriends what I said about my ex who was one of their friends… Because how fucking raw and brutal my section on my ex’s was… people were sharing that link!!!

bratty cash princesAnyway people would ALWAYS ask Me, #1why am I so mean to my Ex’s and #2why do they keep coming back and stay my friends even?

and they would always come back… even after I flame them in my blog, post their naked pics, insult them… they would still come back…

This brings me to my point… of why? and am I a man hater or do I  just enjoy being in charge and using men?

Its simple, it turns me on, and the guys keep coming back because they LOVE it! obviously I date, and have always dated guys who were suckers for being mistreated by their gf’s…

Yes I love controlling men and I like using them, I like playing head games, I like teasing them I like making them feel stupid for trying to nibble at the carrot I dangled… I LOVE when they’ve had enough and they are gone, for sure!… Yeah, then I get the drunk phone call later that night begging to meet up and talk, through what Im sure most times is a hint of sniffling hahaha… I love it!

… My girlfriends have always, always said… “how do you get away with saying the stuff you do and they act like its funny or kind of cute?” – I make my boyfriends drive me around like they’re my personal chauffeur… and I expect and insist on door to door service. Theres no parking in the parking lot and walking to the doors, no… you drive me to the door and then go find parking and walk by yourself.

I personally think its that “cute and innocent” look that many people think Iv always had… mixed with me having a spicy and playful personality… when a girl has big huge boobs, looks cute and innocent but says something kind of crude towards you… its not something most guys know how to respond to… especially with my playful personality & the fact that I exude sexuality… most guys are just consumed in this exotic, sexy little spicy minx who clearly has “Black widow syndrome’

When guys (and they always do) become lost, horny and enamored with Me… its when I strike… slave/bf/guy toy is falling for me and Im conning, scheming, swindling, cheating and using them for whatever I want and as much of it… until there is either, nothing left and Iv become bored…

… and of course when it comes to some of you slaves, you just get treated like a disposable object, used and abused!

Iv used allot of comparison with boyfriends of my past and my slaves… Lots of times you develop “relationships” with your slaves.. some hardly, or not so great ones… and others much deeper. Both types, personally with BFs & online with slaves… give me satisfaction to have them groveling over me, giving me what I want and bending over backwards to get my attention… I use my physical advantages along with my obvious high intelligence, to dick with, tease and exploit men. on and off line… bottom line… I enjoy being a hot, sexy young Princess who has it so good, that Im a spoiled rotten brat & Im actually thanked for being ungrateful!

Men = toys… and I love to play!

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