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Gay Homo Outting Application

Product Category: Blackmail & Slave Apps, Gay Slave

Gay Homo Outting ApplicationGay Homo Outting Application – ***NEW*** Get publicly Outted By Me! ONLY $20!!!!

This is a simple and very exciting gay application… Think of this as an invitation, an invitation to your very own gay boy outing… Which will be lead and orchestrated by Me!!!

This is an application to get In Real Life OUTTED for being a fag cock lover!!! A Lucky-13 questions are asked of you inside… THEN you leave the rest to me… Its deviant, its REAL – and after you fill this out you become powerless in a whole new way… This is SO HOT – ALL the Fag Details that will make your gay dick hard as a rock are inside… Want to get fag outted by Me? Buy this and fill it out!

thats right bitch, IM going to out you… But not only am I going to out you… You arent going to know how Im going to do it… the only way you will know whats going on – is after the news hits your world, as in AFTER everyone knows you’re GAY!

This is a high privilege, Iv decided already that I will keep the cost of this “experience”/”service” low… The cost will remain low for reasons you may not know just yet… Should you decide to treat yourself to an Outing Princess Mindy style, then perhaps you may see my vision of extra fun… Oh yes in deed; though this may SEEM like yet another cool and awesome assignment or femdom opportunity from me… that is just merely part of the fun… The rest of the details is aprivilege left for those who will actually entertain Me, and play. Play a game of Booting The Homo Out Of The Closet!

Okay, seriously homo… this is going to be So Much Fun! Think about it… you’re not going to know HOW Ill out you until you’ve been outed… *I’ll* be involved in your own real personal life, even if only a little bit – imagine how amazing it will be to have been plucked from your closet and royally homo-fied by Me!!!

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