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Russian Roulette Humiliation

Product Category: Blackmail & Slave Apps, Humiliation

This risky 50/50 humiliation form is similar to my other Russian Roulette fun forms as this gives you a 50% chance to have just had an inexpensive thrill by filling this out and sending the things I ask in here to Me
… While still remembering the Real Fact is – you have a 50% chance of getting totally humiliated and possibly publicly humiliated in my blog or even to a couple of people you know in real life… it could go ANY way, anything could happen – It all depends on how the dice roll, its 50/50 for us both!!! Maybe you’ll get off Scott-free with no humiliation and a super hot thrill… maybe you’ll end up being snickered and laughed at my women you know… maybe you’ll find my “discoveries” smeared all over my blog haha!

One thing is clear – This is ALL about humiliation, not blackmail, nothing else just Pure slave humiliation and this very well could be the hottest fantasy you’ve ever had coming real right now… I dont ask for everything I want, only some of the stuff needed to give a guaranteed HUMILIATING experience, because I wanted this to be a Russian Roulette type of fun… will I get you & leave you totally humiliated, horny and looking more pathetic than ever!?!?! or will Lady Luck be on your side, for once, giving you hard-on like never before, a brief moment of humiliating suspense and the freedom to escape it all with your fragments intact?

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Its only a 50% chance Ill get to do it… and a 50% chance you had an inexpensive rush by filling this out and sending it to me!!!

While *I* only have a 50% chance Ill be able to get what I need or want to have some fun humiliating you… if I win, its good for my blog, its fun for me and worth it…

before you send it to me!



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