Inhale red black buzz poppers game and Video

Get instant access to BOTH the poppers game in text with image instructions AND the video version.. I have bundled the video and traditional text version I usually put assignments in, and offering these woozy and super buzzy game details for a reduced price!

$17.99 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

DESCRIPTION: A fun and very woozy inhale game that makes you so woozy with 40 minutes of buzzy Femdom card fun! Spend the next at least 40 minutes following My Femdom card game instructions that has you so weak from inhaling, flush, buzzy, and stroking while you play until all your favourite fetishes are used against in in the fun way..
– For 40 woozy minutes, you will be having Femdom fun in Mindy Land Game Room.. with edging, Goddess worship, leg, breasts, and other fetishes!

At leave 40 minutes in length from the time you start until you finish!

$17.99 Buy from Princess-Mindy through


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