Reverse Rehab: 10 Step Program to make sure you’re NOT sober!

poppers aromas clip instructions

After this Reverse Rehab 10-step program, you are going to be such an addicted little poppers zombie and it might even change your whole life! Imagine not being a boring bitch anymore and levelling up so that you go from who you are now, to my very own Intoxicated woozy obedient doormat!

Implementing these 10 steps into your life over the next week or so is going to control you when you wake up, at work, throughout your day and even your weekends… You’ll be doing little inhale practices that will reprogram you by doing a lot of inhaling.

Buy this now so you can fall off the wagon for good, this will make sure that you’re never sober again!

$17.99 | Buy from Princess-Mindy through

poppers aromas clip instructions

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