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Melting away with poppers

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

5 minutes of melting away with poppers.. You inhale when prompted and dissolve into total zone out mode and melt away when instructed. You lose track of time, your mind becomes blank and your buzz keeps growing and growing with regular Inhale Prompts… My voice captivates you as you’re guided into another world of Femdom Goddess Worship and total buzzy servitude.
Featuring My pretty face, black boots, cleavage and occasional middle finger!

$9.99 / 5:25 minutes /

No defense for magic breasts

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

I always get My way because I’m a powerful Hot Princess with amazing magic mind fuck bouncy breasts that totally control the minds of all men around the world… including YOU!!
You cannot resist the power of My feminine energy which sways around My tits in My magic crystal necklace which mind fucks you while you worship, and adore Me.
Hear Me brag and go on about how all men around the world are victims to My exotic beauty, and bouncing breasts.
are you touching yourself? you should be… stroke and worship My natural round Princess tits (not humiliating, more Goddess worship and arrogant tits tease and Princess body control.)

8 minutes long / $15 /

Tits and poppers magnet

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

While My big bouncy juicy jiggly tits are bounced, jiggled and squeezed right in your face all you can hear M telling you is that you need to sniff again and again and again… well thats because your face is magnetized to your poppers bottle, your hand is a magnet to your cock and your eyes are magnetized to My clips!… Uh Oh… These big hot boobs are going to fuck your whole life over…

LOTS OF SNIFFING! When you see the strobing poppers bottle, that means you should inhale and thats in addition to tall the sniffs I tell you to take…

Basically you’re getting buzzed AF while My tits work you over Teasing Greedy manipulative But Seductive Princess style.

10 minutes / $25 /

Addicted to adult biz Girls

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

You are so hooked on minxy Women in the adult business… you don’t like normal girls at all, you like Women who lure in men, prey on them, then taunt and exploit them with their femininity and Female bodies.

You cannot stop stroking and touching yourself to big Princess bouncy round boobs like mine… My curves make you so weak. You can’t stay away, you need to give in to My clips like this. You have to, you have to pay and stroke.

Drool away and stroke while you worship My curvy body and big Princess tits being bounced in your face..

6 minutes / $8.99 /

Must Obey Princess Mindys Tits

Monday, June 18th, 2018

you will be stroking and chanting “Must Obey Princess Mindys Tits” while I both claim your brain as my own and reprogram you to be My tit zombie at the same time..
Look at all this gold and silver I’m rubbing all over My tits… it WAS slaves gold but now its mine because, I make sooo much money fucking men over with My tits.
My vocals brainwash you and quickly suck you into Mindy Land… My bouncy natural tits makes you so fucking weak, you’re my little dweeb and you cannot resist these tits!
I jiggle and bounce my tits around while holding up almost $1k in precious metal on My Princess breasts.
Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits, Must Obey Princess Mindys tits…

5 minutes long / $12.99 /

The Devil wears pink

Monday, June 11th, 2018

why spend your days having things easy when you could have a life filled with stress and ball crushing emasculation by getting hooked on a venomous Devil Girl?!…

I LOVE causing you grief and worry… I love getting you in trouble and being the source of all your dick stroking financial problems. I get My kicks off by draining your bank account and kicking your balls haha

You cannot resist Females who are charismatic, arrogant, charming and have an irresistible evil streak to them… Disarmed by My girlish ways and how adorbs I look in pink but guess what, bitch? The Devil wears pink 😉

5 minutes / $20 /

Poppers Titty Zombie Club 2

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018


Remember part 1 of the Titty Zombie Club? This is part 2 which includes A LOT of poppers and titty worship.

This boob worship and extreme popper sniffing club is on week two which makes you so buzzed and keeps you stroking so much that you actually turn into a real life zombie!

Theres at least 20 popper sniffs and lots of wanking to about 8 hot bouncy boob cleavage photos, and 4 pages of instructions to follow to  help make your zombie transition extra intense.

4 page PDF / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


your wife pays My rent

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

custom: Custom: “You come home from shopping im sitting on the couch waiting for You since, Your stupid old fat friend (my wife) is mad that You haven’t been paying Your rent and wants me to talk to You about it…

as You surround Your legs with the bags and sit down so we can talk Your phone beeps and says ” rent due “

as i talk You can’t seem to get comfortable on the couch, so You stand up, turn around *shake Your ass * (as Your mini skirt, goes up)  in my face, then sit back down, removing your jacket, revealing Your nice cleavage *making sure i get a nice view of it* the talk continues but naturally i forget what i was saying to You…so You take over the conversation and hand me a new lease agreement that makes You live there for free”

7 minutes / $8.99 /

Too many hypnosis clips

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

you’ve watched way too many mind fuck clips and now your brain is garbage.. Great, now Im here to capitalize on your easily programmable mind and seduce you with mind fuck, tease and dominating Femme Power that no beta like you can resist…

Uh Oh, there might be some hidden and obvious subliminal messages and mind control image drops… never mind those, just focus on that pretty face of mine.

Yes focus on my tall exotic perma tanned body and my long perfect biracial hair and face… Im so perfect its so easy to fall under My Goddess spell!

13 minutes / $15 /

My boobs run the show

Monday, March 13th, 2017

after you watch this clip My bouncing big soft boobs are going to completely run your life… Watch me flaunt my amazing tits in your face while I speak in a soft but manipulative voice which makes your dick rock hard!

My breasts look so big and round in this clip and Im teasing you so hard with them… bouncing so they jiggle while I talk about how Im going to get everything I want from you now…

My boobs make your wallet fly open and you cant help but to want to make me happy… the power my tits have over you and your wallet is so crazy… just watch how my boobs control your entire life after this clip!!!

If you like greedy, bratty, confidant hot women with huge bouncy boobs, this is for you!!!

8 minutes / $10 /

Goddess tit worship x2

Monday, March 13th, 2017

2 pairs of big sexy breasts for you to drop to your knees and drool over!!! Mine are big bouncy and natural while Queen Alia has big brand new fake tits… we shake, squeeze, bounce and flaunt our Goddess boobs right in your face while we tell you how we know you get weak and horny over our Goddess cleavage!

omg you’re totally going to drool all over the place, from your mouth and cock when you see us showing off our tits in expensive shiny tight dresses that show off our hot big booobs

9 minutes / $10 /

Attached men buy me sexy clothes

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Opening a bunch of tight sexy outfits that one of my attached slaves bought me… Im SUCH a huge spoiled brat in this clip while bragging and gift opening the tightest and sexiest outfits youve ever seen…

haha I go on and on about how married & attached men are so easy to use, control, taunt, tease and own them… They dont buy their gf’s/wives sexy clothes like this but they cant resist hitting up My amazon wishlist and spoiling Me!!! —- bratty, spoiled homewrecking findom Princess clip
~~~> My amazon wishlist:

11 minutes / $11.99 /

Try Not To Cum, wimp!

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Tease & Denial Custom: “was thinking of like a teasing joi file like ridiculously heavy teasing where you dare me to try and last the whole time. The whole time you could have like your voice in the background telling me to cum or asking why i dont squirt when i know you want me to. I have an ass fetish too so you could do things like “you don’t have an ass fetish do you? Oh well try to focus on not cumming instead of this sweet ass in your face – Another thing you could do is like “if you cum before I say you have to send me a tribute” but i mean it doesnt matter too much haha “

3 1/2 minutes / $5.50 /

The Magical Amplifier

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

My magical amplifier makes me more and more beautiful, powerful and irresistible every time I use it…
WATCH me before your beady eyes become more and more powerful with each flash of my red & ultraviolet high frequency lights… you can actually see me grow more beautiful and powerful right before your eyes

It amplifies ANYTHING its turned on… so, if youre sexy, it makes you sexier BUT if youre weak or pathetic, it just amplifies that – SO Of COURSE, I turn my magical device around on you and fuck you right over by making you weaker and weaker and weaker…
Watch this clip now to actually watch me get more and more hot, sexy and in control while YOU have the lights turned on you and become soooo weak and pathetic.
warning: *this is tesla technology used for bratty Femdom evil & it works*

7 minutes long / $15 /Buy from Princess-Mindy through

your bliss is inside my bra

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

my big hot jiggly boobs are going to make you feel sooo much better about your pathetic stressful life. your life is filled with anxiety and worry and thanks to my awesome boobs and the calming magical effect of this clip… you’re going to experience a state of total tit zen! Achieve a state of bliss, mindlessness and total cock raging mental mind fuck peace while watching this… my beautiful face, magical dialogue, occasional girly heart spirals, and of course my beautiful natural soft bouncy boobs are going to make you lose track of time and thought – this clip is the PERFECT CURE for anxiety, worry and restlessness. *It mind fucks you into complete drooling addict mode*

I do such a great job of stealing your mind and controlling you with my cleavage… I jiggle, squeeze, shake and tease you with my breasts. Then I speak manipulative, and enchanting words to you while I stare right in your eyes with my big brown bambi eyes…

Usually youre filled with loser feelings and worry and feel dumb but all thanks to my sweet boobs, youre going to become addicted to being a blank brain tit addict of mine and through that find a cure for your chaotic idiot mental state – My tits are taking overfetishes – anxiety cure, mind fuck, big breast tease, breast jiggling, tease, mild humiliation, bratty manipulation, mindlessness, experience bliss, zen, calming, addiction creation, Goddess worship

9 minutes long / $15 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through