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Intox ASMR cheater game

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

This whisper asmr clip needs to be watched at nighttime when your wife/gf has fallen asleep… sneak out of bed and bring multiple forms of liquor with you like beer, hard liquor, and a shot glass. Im whispering in ASMR mode so its safe to play this in the middle of the night behind her back…

I get you waste with this super fun drinking dart game that has you chugging, taking shots, taking sips one after the other, and even some other random fun commands… PLUS, I have made this extra boozy by putting additional stroke & drink commands with audio signals in the clip that will totally get you more than buzzed…

THEN I make you smell My ass and stroke while you say terrible things about your wife/gf… I get you tipsy and then ruin your relationship by making you My ass sniffing loser… you smell so much and get so tipsy that you totally forget shes in bed in the next room…

Sneak out of bed when SHE falls asleep and bring your alcohol and get ready to play a super fun game that turns into serious homewrecking stroking and majour ass worship and sniffing!

27 minutes long / $30 /

poppers, JOI, magic & findom intro

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

This popper clip uses mind fuck, stroking and magic all in one clip to introduce you to a world of loaded robot spending and stroking… SO MANY POPPER SNIFF COMMANDS – There are so many vocal and text commands to sniff and stroke so you will be getting very buzzed in this clip.
Thats when I start My manipulations and Princess magic by using enchanted money Drawing Oil for you to sniff along with the poppers. The results are you become entranced into a world of jerking off, spending and sniffing. You cannot stop spending… can’t stop sniffing.
You’re brainwashed, horny, weak and stuck in My web… there is nothing you can do besides allow My power to take over and stroke yourself into a cum countdown, popper sniffing orgasm that brainwashes you for life!
**Warning: this makes your orgasm intensify your buzz**

25 minutes long / $40 /


Poppers heaven – IBM P3

Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Poppers heaven – Intense poppers breathing method Part 3

This is 45 minutes of intense popper sniffing method part 3, where you sniff non stop, and then you sniff even more poppers while stroking, and worshiping Me! – This time we bump the breathing second up by 2 whole seconds and AS REQUESTED Part 3 has 4 and 5 rounds in a row of sniff commands.

LOTS of verbal sniff commands, counting, guidance, visual sniff commands, AND audio sniff signals… you could watch this clip 5 times before you catch all the mind fuck sniff commands. It will keep you busy and buzzed AF!

NOTE: Part 3 should not be watched without doing at least part 1 first but you really should watch part 1, then 2 and then do this or you will have no idea what you’re doing..

45 minutes long / $70 /

Part 1 I teach a really powerful breathing technique that amplifies your popper experience…

Part 2 expands on it and we really get going. Part 3 is not for light weights hahah and you need to know the technique to follow this clip.

Part 1: | Part 2:

Blackmagic fishnets, poppers JOI

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Black magic fishnets & poppers JOI

Using poppers, stroking, fishnets and black magic, your life is locked in Mindy land while you obsesses, chronically stroke, and become mesmerized by my fishnets ass… .
Left and right mind fuck audio tracks making you feel so as addicted are added so for EXTRA magic effect, use headphones or good speakers. .
Take one sniff of My attraction black magic oil and you will fall for me and become weak… popper sniffing cues are also loaded as well stroking orders… Ass you follow the wanking, sniffing and magic commands you won’t even notice what My bubble butt is doing to your cock… You’ll be in such a trance that you wont even notice how I’ve got you stroking your mind away… Have a candle ready to light when starting the clip as this has interactive magic commands which makes you participate in multiple ways.
This is a real mind fuck and black magic spell.. This ritual will turn you into a ass addicted, Princess butt sniffing slave who will stop at nothing to be a good puppet for My ass

9 minutes long / $14.99 /

Poppers trip out joi

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Sniff 20 popper sniffs before you watch this trip out & JOI Princess worship clip… This mind fuck buzz enhancing clip makes you sniff and stroke while messing with your tripped out boy brain to make you HOOKED on Me, poppers and stroking.

Custom music made to fuck with your mind further. How many times will you sniff, stroke and watch this clip?

2:30 minutes long / $9.99 /

Black magic and booze

Friday, May 25th, 2018

9 deviant black magic ritual steps which include A LOT of drinking and mind altering stroking are given in this assignment which will open up doors and black magic portals. Portals which fill your life with exciting and very real effects which leave you a complete and total entranced jerk off junkie.

After you complete this spell, you will be hexed a forever stroke addict who cannot resist any urge to slither like a bug on the ground beneath me and wank your laughable slave penis. This will be more than usual… now you are addicted and spiritually tied to jerk off loser land… you cannot stop. you’re hexed for ever… jerking your whole life away and loving it!

$25 / 3 page PDF text file / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Drunk real blackmail confessional

Monday, March 19th, 2018

oops I had too many glasses of wine while having fun filming clips and ended up drunk. Now Im ready to spill the beans on the huge blackmail scandal from about 4 or 5 years ago when the US Army guy got dishonorably discharged after SOMEONE leaked the photos of him jerking off to his flatmates underwear and sent them to his Army sargent

The last time I heard from this looser he couldn’t even get a decent job after he was ruined and was now cleaning toilets as a janitor for a cheap motel. OMG who did that to the poor underwear sniffing wanker? that poor pervert… haha

This is a REAL blackmail confessional and if you like watching ice cold Women whose mannerisms reflect a mean little devil, then this clip is for you!!

Watch me snack on vegan chips and a bota box while I confess some crazy ass stuff!

6 minutes / $24.99 /


Intox binge mind fuck party

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

This is the mp3 version and is 4 minutes of the most fun and creative hardcore binge using multi substances like poppers, booze, etc.

You get sooo messy… soooo buzzed… sooo mind fucked. I keep on making you sniff, drink, smoke, sniff, etc… over and over… I dont even know how many commands are in this but there is A LOT.

Good go ahead and listen to this, let Me fuck you up and then fuck you over. Watch how addicted you get to My unique and very powerful ways… You want catch a quick buzz? This will do it… enjoy the audio I created it myself to give your poppers, booze, etc a helping hand. Mind fuck lightly laced through out which fucks your brain while getting you trashed.

*This is a professionally produced quality mp3 with thought, mixing and many creative elements.*

*The mp3 only gives you a different experience than watching with the visuals in my clip. I recommend you buy and experience both*

4 minutes / 14.99 /

Latex Poppers & Shots Intox Goddess

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

The Intox Clip Of Your DREAMS!! Poppers & hard liquor shots WITH drink and sniff commands… and most commands are laced with custom made “party” sound effects which are very HQ and in the form of music sample drops which INTENSIFY each sniff…

This clip is more like a party or maybe youre the loser who found his way into My after party and now youre in this inebriated realm which hits you on all senses.

LATEX Goddess Fucks you UP! How can you resist My hot body in this tight latex bodysuit? Simple – you cant!

AT LEAST 10 guided popper sniffs and 5 guided shots are taken in this clip. So if you want to stop being a boring loser and do something fun for once… buy this clip NOW!

poppers, drinking, Latex camel toe, Latex body worship, Goddess worship, INTOX

PS.. I mixed all that audio in the clip

13 minutes / $24.99 /


Late night Ambien play

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

get your Ambien sleeping pills (or any other hypnotic sleeping pills you have) and watch this clip for a drowsy drift into Mindy Land.

very minimal humiliation with a focus on a trip out and encouraging you to STAY AWAKE and let the Ambien turn into a waking dream state… subliminal messages, triggers and mind fuck are used with your Ambien.

Zone out while you stroke, your eyes can barely stay open and your brain is shutting down yet you stroke like a sleepy robot – when your mind is in this state you’re extra vulnerable.

7 minutes / $15 /

3 loser highballs

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

3 loser highball recipe’s are included with specific details which will make you some VERY unique strong drinks that are sure to get you well buzzed!!!

Fetishes in the recipe’s: humiliation, jerk off, cum & cum eating. These are for losers ONLY!!

Enjoy the 3 drinks and the process you will have to do to make the drinks happen. They are very creative, some perverted and even humiliating… you will be getting buzzed for sure all while you stroke and be in servitude to Me.

These are for perverts, losers, lush puppies and freaks ONLY so if you dont like getting drunk AND humiliated at the same time then you better be careful because these will make you a buzzed dirty loser and might make you addicted to catching a buzz in perverted weird ways!

have fun! This provides possibly 2 – 3 hours of fun in preparation, jacking and drinking

$15 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

this is not a clip / these are amazing recipes with a full page of details of what to drink and how to do them all.

My tits are your boss

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

wow youre so lucky to be a slave and work your whole life as an employee of my tits… my tits are your boss and everything you do is for them…
ME WORK??? hahaha no, why would I lift a finger when I have you???!! Im too pretty to work, I just use men and profit off their hard work.
watch this clip now to hear all about how My tits are your boss and what a spoiled Princess I am.

4 minutes / $15 /

Benadryl Wallet Drain

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

hey wimp… you say you love me and will do anything for me right and you know Im an evil little witch who likes to take advantage of you??? soooo… If you’ll just have a few sips of this and then write down all of your amazon, PP and other spending platform login info for me, that would be great… just a few sips of this and Ill have access to all your spending platforms hahahahaha follow the instructions in here to make this even more real and get ready to Hit Send! *bring your and booze, etc too*

8 minutes long / $9.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

at least 10 drinks tonight

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

Im going out tonight and Im going to be out late and Im totally going to get in some trouble AND Im leaving you alone tonight to be all by yourself. you’re going to be thinking about me tonight and I wont be thinking about you AT ALL!!!
BUT I have a task for you to do – I want you to be serving me while Im out and I know you’re WAY more fun when youre not sober!!! So, I want you to have at least 10 drinks tonight and even use your too if you have any!!!

get the full details of how much I want you to drink and then what I want you to do after you’ve been drinking!
Dont worry, Im going to jiggle my bouncy boobs in your face to help get you nice and stupid… haha once my natural titties start bouncing and jiggling in your face, Ill be able to make you drink and spend all night long!
Listen to me talk about how late Im staying out and who Im going out with – including light humiliation, drinking & sniffing instructions, boob worship, breast bouncing, Bratty, Arrogant Princess, teasing ***watch how buzzed I get you and how much I can make you spend***

7 1/2 minutes / $11 /

get drunk for my feet

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

you’re getting wasted for my feet – 1st I give you instructions to drink a super strong and crazy drink while watching this clip, which I guide you to drink while watching & make you have it finished by the end of the clip. THEN, I give instruct you to drink 5 more of these drinks after watching the clip.yep, my pretty feet are getting you so fucked up today!have your hard liquor, beer, mix & a tall glass ready when you watch this clip!Bottom$ up, bitch

7 minutes / $10 /