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AVN Nylons and Sparkly Heels

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

You’re worshiping My nylons and licking My Jimmy Choo heels clean IN PUBLIC.. I’ve also attached some other bits like Me presenting two awards, and showing off My dress.

6 minutes long / $6.66 /

Can you just imagine all the grime you will be licking off these heels after I’ve been walking around in Vegas!? Have fun!

The Full AVN Awards 2020 Video & Post will be coming soon! Its months late but I do plan to show My AVN Awards 2020 blog post and video so keep your intoxicated eyes out for that! If you didn’t know I was invited to the AVN Awards 2020 and offered the opportunity to present 2 awards. I was nominated in Favourite Domme so I wasn’t allowed to present for that BUT I got the coolest award category to present in and it was all around super cool. Its a blog post and video you 100% want to see!

Stroke & cum breath play

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

You cum with NO breath in your lungs after countless breath holding & JOI commands – You cum to a breath holding cum countdown that almost knocks you right out in the best dizzy orgasm of your life!

I’ve deemed you too pathetic to be allowed to breath without earning it first.. All this breath play and loss of air, all for My entertainment

Guided stroke, breath holds, and timed inhales, holds, and exhales while you stroke are given… this clip makes you even more stupid… cumming with no oxygen while I say mean things about you is dangerous for your little programmable mind!

10 minutes $17.99 /

Surrender to your ache to submit fully

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

its okay to be yourself slave, go ahead and surrender to your inner and greater you – the one who likes it on his knees being seductively fucked over and lightly abused by a tall and powerful Goddess who uses her sexiness against you

First I relax you and allow you to be yourself and let you know its okay to be beneath me… focus on how good it feels and then lets practice feel good actions by worshiping Me!

Good now get on your knees and lets celebrate your new discovery of self by showing the world you are a real man, a real submissive ass kissing slave man…

mmm good boy, I knew your talent was being a good bubble butt kissing slave.. At the end I give you a 10 second cum countdown in which to cum you must have your lips planted in between my ass cheeks

14 mins / $16 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Princess & her perv slave secrets

Monday, March 13th, 2017

you love jacking off to my ass, smelling my ass, adoring my tits and even sniffing my socks… I know how good it feels for you to binge on my clips and fantasize about my hot ass…
You would be soooo embarrassed if I told anyone what a pervert you are for my clips. Dont worry, I wont tell anyone as long as you keep stroking and spending on my clips…
I dont even want to humiliate you or tell everyone your pervert sects… Instead Id rather keep on teasing you and keeping you hooked… all you have to do is keep on worshiping and wanking too my clips and I wont say a word 🙂
youre going to cum all over yourself with this clip… #TEASETEASETEASE

12 minutes / $15 /

exotic hotties control your dick

Friday, January 1st, 2016

aww you wish you could land an exotic hottie like me but instead all you get are boring vanilla basic plain Jane types that dont even make your dick hard haha
look at my luscious lips, my exotic curves, my dark 24/7 tanned skin and my biracial features… its all so hot and sexy. Not to mention what a vivacious tasty Princess I am with amazing style – I make your cock throb so hard and too bad for you – you are NOT good enough for me!!!
I make fun of the boring plain girls you get, and then taunt and tease you and flaunt myself around and act like an arrogant little prick tease who admits she only uses you for profit and entertainment
adore my pretty face, sexy makeup job, my dark big brown bambi eyes, my shiny pouty full lips, my cute little round button nose and amazing cute outfit… ahhh too bad you didnt suck so bad and you weren’t a real man – you might be able to get an exotic amazing Princess like me!
I make you desire me while I emasculate you and insult your current gf/wife

8:20 minutes long / $8.99 /