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Melting away with poppers

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

5 minutes of melting away with poppers.. You inhale when prompted and dissolve into total zone out mode and melt away when instructed. You lose track of time, your mind becomes blank and your buzz keeps growing and growing with regular Inhale Prompts… My voice captivates you as you’re guided into another world of Femdom Goddess Worship and total buzzy servitude.
Featuring My pretty face, black boots, cleavage and occasional middle finger!

$9.99 / 5:25 minutes /

Sparkly dress popper sniffing captioned pictures

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Photo set description: 16 pictures of me in a long classy sparkly white dress which has popper sniffing instructions on half o the photos, while the other half re Goddess worship mode…

16 pictures/ $10 /

after party poppers sniffing instructions clip

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Clip Description: 8 minutes of SNIFFING instructions which gets you sooo buzzy and woozy for Me. I just came home from a night out and Im buzzed Myself, and its not okay for Me to be more buzzed than you so I really make you sniff like crazy to catch up with Me..

A nighttime setting with Me looking beautiful, you almost feel like you’re with Me, partying and having a good time. I tell you all about My night and how expensive it was and guess what? you paid for it too!

Have your SNIFFERS bottle ready and watch this now for some amazing Femdom fun!

8 minutes long / $17.99 /

Surrendering with poppers

Monday, August 26th, 2019

Try not to pay attention to the double layers as they mind fuck you, just focus on the inhale bottle.. when it comes to you or you are prompted to sniff, do so!

5 minutes long / $15 /

Homewrecking JOI Night 3 w Poppers

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Clip Description: Sneak out of bed when SHE is snoozing and hide and watch this clip behind her back… This is Night 3 in this homewrecking nighttime JOI clip series. Tonight you get poppers, and a cum countdown because as I brag, insult her, laugh at her, and show off, I’m not going to send you off to bed with her horny… you might bond, and have sex. No, I’m going to let you have a release but first were going to say lots of amazing Princess Mindy Affirmations that will make you forget all about her! I make you kiss my ass, stroke, and even punch your balls for Me in this clip… you’re not HER man, you’re My bitch 😉 Vibe: seductive, arrogant, wife humiliating, trying to get you in trouble, being a bad influence, JOI, cum count down, manipulation, saying you love me which angers your wife/gf, Homewrecking#Ballbusting, #Cum Countdown, #FemDom Princess, #Humiliation, #Jeans Fetish, #JOI, #Party Girls, #Tit Worship, Homewrecker Fantasy, Mind Fuck

17 minutes long / $22.22 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Expensive poppers sniffing & tits clips addict

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: You LOVE tits, expensive poppers clips, and seductive manipulative Women who tease, and taunt you while getting you so buzzed on poppers.
I’m so beautiful, and tasty looking with my tight outfit, and when I hold the bottle of poppers towards you, you know its your hint to sniff. you sniff and sniff while DROOLING over My tits which are showing in this lace body suit – oops, that was a total accident but a great reason to raise the price.
There are repeated non stop sniffs, guided breathing techniques which makes your poppers intense, and commands for you to stroke, sniff and repeat.
My boobs and sniff commands are going to have you watching this on repeat for hours!

5 minutes long / $100 /

Bursts of ass & popper sniffs

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

the non stop poppers gets you buzzed so hard BUT its My ass that fucks you up! Ass sniffing, popper sniffing mind fuck for ass addicts with poppers.
Sniff my ass with each popper sniff, and while the visuals mess with you, My vocals start to rewire you and transform you into a jerk off addict for my hot ass.
I stick my ass right in your face, shake my ass, and taunt you with My ass knowing you will be totally screwed with poppers and My ass…
Lots off ass worship tease and smelling with non stop popper sniffing commands

7 minutes long / $15 /


Poppers brainwashing joi

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Hardcore Sexy brainwashing & majour popper sniffing with JOI and a cum countdown… as if you can resist this clip – not a chance! There are hundreds of flashing text triggers, commands and reprogramming words that flash on the screen… non stop. Some you can read and others are only for your subconscious mind.

The brainwashing commands I speak and the words that flash tell you to stroke, and sniff, and to stroke more, sniff more, and seduce or trap you into weakness. You cannot resist My beauty, My voice, My words and every stroke takes you deeper… sniff more poppers… more… sniff deeper, hold the inhales, slip away… deeper and deeper.

Good now more poppers… while words dance and flash before your eyes dragging you into an eternal descent into your hottest jerk off popper sniffing mind fuck fantasy… you will be mind fucked and brainwashed… when this clip is done and after you sniff all thee poppers – your mind will be totally rewired and you will be left buzzed, and mind fucked!

The most intense poppers and brainwashing clip you will ever see… *I think this may be My favourite poppers clip of them all*

8 minutes long / $19.99 / 


poppers, JOI, magic & findom intro

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

This popper clip uses mind fuck, stroking and magic all in one clip to introduce you to a world of loaded robot spending and stroking… SO MANY POPPER SNIFF COMMANDS – There are so many vocal and text commands to sniff and stroke so you will be getting very buzzed in this clip.
Thats when I start My manipulations and Princess magic by using enchanted money Drawing Oil for you to sniff along with the poppers. The results are you become entranced into a world of jerking off, spending and sniffing. You cannot stop spending… can’t stop sniffing.
You’re brainwashed, horny, weak and stuck in My web… there is nothing you can do besides allow My power to take over and stroke yourself into a cum countdown, popper sniffing orgasm that brainwashes you for life!
**Warning: this makes your orgasm intensify your buzz**

25 minutes long / $40 /


Poppers heaven – IBM P3

Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Poppers heaven – Intense poppers breathing method Part 3

This is 45 minutes of intense popper sniffing method part 3, where you sniff non stop, and then you sniff even more poppers while stroking, and worshiping Me! – This time we bump the breathing second up by 2 whole seconds and AS REQUESTED Part 3 has 4 and 5 rounds in a row of sniff commands.

LOTS of verbal sniff commands, counting, guidance, visual sniff commands, AND audio sniff signals… you could watch this clip 5 times before you catch all the mind fuck sniff commands. It will keep you busy and buzzed AF!

NOTE: Part 3 should not be watched without doing at least part 1 first but you really should watch part 1, then 2 and then do this or you will have no idea what you’re doing..

45 minutes long / $70 /

Part 1 I teach a really powerful breathing technique that amplifies your popper experience…

Part 2 expands on it and we really get going. Part 3 is not for light weights hahah and you need to know the technique to follow this clip.

Part 1: | Part 2:

Intense poppers breathing method 2

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

This is the JOI cum countdown, Part 2 of “Intense poppers breathing method” and this long 30 minute INTENSE popper commands sniffing clip is filled with non stop popper sniffing commands using this intense breathing technique, along with teasing and brattiness…
You have sooo many guided popper commands and sniff sound triggers along with being guided the whole time to get the most out of every popper sniff by using holds, slow inhales, exhales and other breathing techniques.
You will be inhaling poppers while jerking off and even SNIFF THROUGH a cum countdown., have you ever had an orgasm while on an intense popper inhale??? well you will after this mind fuck popper clip. PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH PART 1 FIRST *you wont understand the breathing method unless you are taught in part 1 first.
Part 1: “”

30 minutes / $50 /

FYI: this clip gained A LOT of attention and is VERY popular on other platforms… don’t miss out!

Intense poppers breathing method

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

This breathing method will AMPLIFY your poppers and make them feel 10000x stronger!!! *REAL!* I use many different breathing techniques with my slaves using poppers and they always get sooo messed up and have so much fun. This breathing technique is very potent and will turn your poppers session back into a new exciting thing… you will be binging on poppers so hard after this. You will be breathing from your diaphragm while holding and exhaling in new interesting fuck you over ways, and inhaling poppers to my count while you continue to get more and more buzzed…

12 minutes long / $17.99 /

Spiked drink brainwashing JOI

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

I make this toxic drink just for you but, you probably shouldn’t drink it because it could be a huge mistake… Its been spiked with MULTIPLE intoxicants and I don’t think you will be in control of your body OR mind after a few sips of this. Who knows what i’ll do to you once you’re woozy and falling in and out of sleep… I might brainwash you, you could wake up with a whole new brain… it could be dangerous… but, something tells Me that you do want a sip anyway… I mean how could you resist?!

Drink my spiked drink and become drugged which renders your subconscious mind ALL MINE!

You can’t resist this mind fuck, the mind control is so erotic and causes you to lose all power to a Hot and Deviant princess… you love it and you are ready to go deeper now! The cum countdown makes you feel mentally fucked!

 *use sniffers, alcohol or whatever you like while watching this clip for extra effect!*

7 minutes long / $17.99 /

2 Hour Poppers Game

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

SO MANY POPPER SNIFFS You get sooo BUZZED & MESSY!! This 2 hour poppers game has lots of rules and things to do to keep you busy getting buzzed as fuck!
Just watching the clip has almost 30 sniff commands. The fun keeps going after the clip stops because I have given you orders to keep you sniffing, stroking, serving Me and getting super buzzed for 2 hours after the clip ends.
After hours of hardcore peak edging, sniffing and worshiping, you get a cum release that you have while sniffing and carrying out My Princess orders. *FUN!*

8 1/2 minutes long / $17.99 /

mark fogarty loser custom

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Mark is a huge loser and I created this disaster of a male around 9 years ago… He paid for a custom which this is and I brag about fucking him over when he was new and didn’t know what to expect… then I ridicule the SH*T out of his relationship and laugh at him and mock him for being so stupid…

I’ve made MANY predictions on his loser life and they ALL came true… now I’ve got new predictions for him that are going to change his beta life… Watch how careless and powerful I am all while being such a humiliating, arrogant Princess who truly enjoys trampling her man slaves!

Enjoy watching how this victim has been emotionally ruined and drained of around $50 – $100k over the years. *Follow along with this clip by sniffing poppers and taking shots when I say to.*

13 minutes long / $13 /