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Homewrecker Breakup Vid

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Mean Homewrecker : The Breakup Vid

Play this homewrecker clip for your wife/gf, let her see this, and watch what happens… yes, this clip is for your wife to watch… and its going to RUIN your relationship. This is a Breakup Clip!

I tell her EVERYTHING… how you prefer My looks, body, and how you think shes boring, and basic. I even warn her not to try and compete with Me because she will only humiliate herself because she cannot compete with me… Im way too pretty for her…

Its best she just go away and get lost because you’re all mine… You’re MY bitch and I will not share your paycheques with her any more…

Watch how I tease and flaunt in front of her, making her ooze with jealousy… she cant stand My tits in hr face, or My pretty face.. uuhh shes going to KNOW shes homewrecked with one look of my feminine powerful body…

Want to break up with your gf or divorce your wife? This is the clip for you…

10 minutes / $14.99 /

Old man destroyer

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

I totally ruin, and fuck over the old guys… I destroy them and take all their cash while turning them into jerk off, spending addicts who cannot resist My beauty and need to jerk off to it daily…

I make you stroke faster, and faster while I laugh at how weak and stupid you are… aww its so easy to rob the old guys of all their pensions and 401k plans… you NEED My body to adore or you wont get hard… you need to hear me talk about using you and taking advantage of you.

My cum countdown makes you ever so slightly mind fucked and feeling extremely weak… Will you be My next old man slave victim? Stroke now and see what happens

9 minutes long / $15 /

your wife pays My rent

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

custom: Custom: “You come home from shopping im sitting on the couch waiting for You since, Your stupid old fat friend (my wife) is mad that You haven’t been paying Your rent and wants me to talk to You about it…

as You surround Your legs with the bags and sit down so we can talk Your phone beeps and says ” rent due “

as i talk You can’t seem to get comfortable on the couch, so You stand up, turn around *shake Your ass * (as Your mini skirt, goes up)  in my face, then sit back down, removing your jacket, revealing Your nice cleavage *making sure i get a nice view of it* the talk continues but naturally i forget what i was saying to You…so You take over the conversation and hand me a new lease agreement that makes You live there for free”

7 minutes / $8.99 /

Lawyer protected homewrecking

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

This homewrecking clip was so evil it took almost $500 & 3 lawyer approved edits before I could release it!!!

In this clip is a “story” which is “probably” fake but maybe not… which I make a clip for a slaves wife, deliver it to her and reveal the dastardly details of the past 3 years online with her HUSBAND, My slave.

This got nasty, it got real, she got jealous and salty and tried to blame Me for their impending divorce… I needed My lawyer for a minute – My lawyer has plenty experience dealing with My online shenanigans and knows just hot to keep this little devil protected!

ENJOY 2 voice mails from my lawyer begging me to edit the original clip and saying its `too far`and a voice over from me explaining with my lawyers revised approved version of the NASTY real homewrecking story which is now unfolding!

Get ready bitches this is juicy and its probably your hottest dream being lived out by another slave… enjoy! #Real #Homewrecking

6 minutes long / $28.99 /

Date Night 01

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Date night series is an ongoing MP3 only series in which I create long and candid mp3 sessions which dupe as bad dates or dates gone wrong or dates with a terrible GF or dating your Mistress’ content.

Thats right, you cancel and ruin dates with real women in the real world and zone out on My long bratty but candid sessions which has a feel of you hanging out with me… being abused in some way hehe 😉 *BUY THIS DATE NIGHT 01 FIRST AND THEN OTHER MP3s IN THE SERIES*

So next time youre feeling lonely or you want a date or you have a date that you would like to fuck over for me… buy this and welcome to your new way to spend nights alone in your room.


Date Night 01 includes a detailed explanation on my vision for date night and then I jump into getting you naked and following my humiliating orders.

*please note this is only an mp3 and not a clip, not everything translates well with a clip. This is most effective as mp3 only.*

30 minute mp3 / $30 /

homewrecked wife email

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

his ALMOST homewrecked wife emailed Me!!

This is real homewrecking in action… My slaves wife emailed me (and it was really her) and sent me a bunch of rude stuff and told Me his spending was over and for Me to leave them alone and move on hahaha

The following clip is something kind of bad I did that wifey would be sooooo mad at if she knew.

Watch me humiliate her, brag about having more control of her husband than she does and show you how I STILL spend his money behind her back! This clip is sooo bratty & mean ((what do you guys think, should I email the link to this clip to his wife??))

11 minutes / $10 /

your wife wants2send Me Amazon

Monday, June 5th, 2017

your wife wants you to send Me Amazon

your wife/gf doesnt want me to break her heart, make her cry and homewreck you guys so I decided that you guys have to send me amazon gift certificates to make Me back off and not homewreck you haha

Shes such a pain in the ass actually, Im sick of her taking up space in your house so if she doesnt want me to fuck shit up, she better be okay with Me shopping on your money. I even make your wife get on the floor and kiss my Christian Louboutin pumps and then kiss me right in the crack of My ass. She can thank Me for taking your money and not kicking her ass out of your house and making her single by being My bitch too!!

Have your relationship turned into My personal doormat. Watch Me humiliate your wife/gf and dominate that pathetic relationship and laugh all the way to amazon with your money while all she gets is to live in My fucking shadow!

6 minutes long / $7.99 /

Homewrecking games part 3

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Part 3 of homewrecking games is super sneaky… youre going to be taking HUGE risks that are both fairly safe in terms of not getting you busted but having huge thrills because if you do, SH*T will hit the fan!!!
Follow my homewrecking orders in this clip & risk it all!
Ill be in your house… put it that way… SHE just might find me and be made to look at my beautiful images… buy this to learn more!
*this can be done alone or with other parts of homewrecking games. I suggest you do them all!*

4:32 minutes / $7.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Homewrecking Games Pt1

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Part one of Homewrecking Games is going to RUIN your sex life with her… youre not going to even have the sex drive to give her a pity fuck or anything!

You’re going to be so busy jacking off to my homewrecking details everyday that when it comes time to be romantic with her… you simply wont be able to.

Buy this now and get wanking to my specific JOI instructions and put a nice huge wedge in between your relationship all for Me! 😉

$8 / Blog Post with captioned photos / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Its time to do more to put Me first and prove you’re a good slave who will do anything to obey his Princess. I have several tasks I want you to do for me that will put you on the fast track to Real homerecking.

Im so much hotter, fun and exciting than your wife/gf is. I deserve to have a huge army of men groveling at my feet waiting for my orders. As soon as you break up with her, your life as a slave is going to be soooo much better.

Rather just homewreck you fast and quick, Id rather draw this out and treat you like my personal ball of yarn. Im the kitten and Im going to bat you around and totally unravel you. Meaning, Im going to use HomeWrecking Games to have lots of deviant bratty fun homewrecking you slowly over time. This will be more fun, you know… watching your house of cards fall and making you not care at all. All the while using you and getting richer off you and your wife AND breaking you up at the same time.. Hot!

dangerous homewrecking cleavage

Saturday, May 21st, 2016

I take you from the living room to my bedroom to show you one of my new dresses and you cant help but notice how HUGE & hot my tits look in this dress…

Ill totally tease you with my big bouncy cleavage if you do something for me…

watch me lead you and coax you into writing A BREAK UP LETTER to your wife/gf for me… aww how mean of me… using my boobs to make you distracted . Just watch how fast you’ll turn your back on your wife/gf and start stroking for me…

watch this clip now & let my tits make you do something really bad! 😉

6 minutes long / $7.99 /

your wife loves my Hermes perfume

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

This is an assignment in a clip which will absolutely DESTROY your relationship!!! If you follow the instructions I give you in this clip, by the end of the night your wife/gf will probably end up crying her eyes out and breaking up with you…

I explain in my bratty way why I love homewrecking so much and describe my visions of totally fucking your relationship up – I spray my perfume on you and get you ready for the assignment and flaunt my Princess hotness around and lure you into my uber bad but sexy idea… ready for WW3 to go down in your home tonight??? watch this clip and watch how fun i make being bad is! #EvilHomewrecking

7:30 minutes long / $14.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Fetishes: Homewrecking, Goddess worship, public parts, ass, tease, panties, smell fetish, Mean Princess

your wife hates this clip

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

look how bratty, fun and cute I am… totally insulting your wife while I flaunt myself around and make you adore me in my cute 70s top which shows off my big boobs and mid-drift … cute white shorts and a bratty bubbly personality makes your boring wife look like an old dusty thing of the past
Im sooo mean the way I make you take your wedding ring off or rip up your pictures of her hahaha what a sexy brat I am
watch this clip now to have your relationship ruined and watch me totally rip your boring wife a new one

6 minutes long / $8.99 /

Luring you to the dark side

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Im just here to lure you to the dark side and ruin your relationship… Be careful when you watch this sexy clip of me manipulating and conniving you into forgetting about your wife/gf and just focusing only on Me… I will end up homewrecking you and making you forget her name and fall super hard for me

I lightly insult your boring wife and laugh while I brag about how much better I am than her… haha as if you stand a chance. you love me so much.

I guess it makes it even harder to resist my wicked ways when you have my sexy cleavage bouncing in your face 😉

5 minutes / $10 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Ice Cold Homewrecking

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Im not just going to homewreck you – Im going to Crush your wife/girlfriend, make her cry and slowly ruin your pathetic relationship with a smile…
I know you beat off over this… youve probably been beating off looking for the meanest heart breaker on the internet and now that youve found her, you know your cock and relationship are about to detonate!!!
watch how prideful and sexy I am while describing how Im going to drag your relationship slowly over the coals

7 minutes long / $9.99 /

your wifes expensive necklace

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Thanks for sending me your wifes good pearl necklace… it looks so much better on me than her.Look how great your stupid anniversary gift to her looks on me… the way these expensive heavy pearls look on my cleavage is awesome – she never deserved these anyway and it was a total waste for her to have them… so, good job sending me her good stuff haha

watch me with a cold bratty greedy heart flaunt off your wifes pearls and then say all kinds of mean things about her, humiliate her and act like such a bratty gold digging homewrecker.

7 minutes / $7.99 /