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young lipstick slave with blackmail dreams*blog Post*

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20120522-210330.jpglook at this little 18 year old bitch… putting on mommies lipstick and who the hell knows how hes coughing up 200$ for my cam… Can you believe this little bitch was so desperate to be blackmailed that he was showing his ID & pathetic pay stubs and house bills to the cam, which I took pics of… So he wants blackmail he says – well I already know he doesnt have enough money for it yet hes shaking my tree… so Iv decided that he #1 can get a 2nd job for me, or he will go suck dicks for money… which will be easy for him, all those gay men love a nice sweet twink! haha So the lil bitch is going to get a second job for me, or suck dick for me, I dont care which one but he is going to get me more money STAT or Ill give him what he wanted and plaster all his personal shit on my blog! 🙂 Doesnt he look so extra pathetic in his moms lipstick?

Dan… dont message me and tell me how hot this is or how scared you are… it is what it is now bitch… you get a second job or go suck dicks and get me money – and when you do message me have your tributes ready!

lilpiggie has clearly been Mindy Love Struck… and Iv been exploiting that new love…  I knew he was weak and pathetic, I just didnt realize how pathetic… until I seen his display picture on yahoo messenger… he was wearing pink panties lolol Of course! you freaks are all the same… you’re all little pussies! lilpiggie started off with an $800 first day and has been going since…

I thought this was kind of funny

“BOSSY BRAt: you look like you want some burly man to stick his fingers in your ass…

BOSSY BRAt: from your pic
XXXXXXXXXXX: ohh?? what…..thats not the intent by anymeans
BOSSY BRAt: wellll most slaves in pink panties
BOSSY BRAt: chop chop on the $$$
XXXXXXXXXXX: more of an aid to no touch myself
XXXXXXXXXXX: money sent
BOSSY BRAt: \\ok
XXXXXXXXXXX: secondary chastity device
BOSSY BRAt: so… what youre saying is… you wear pink panties as a form of chastity against yourself?
XXXXXXXXXXX: not exactly… but it serves some purposse.. i wear panties just cause they feel good
BOSSY BRAt: oh so then the truth comes out…
BOSSY BRAt: not so innocent as you might have me think… if I was simple upstairs… as you are
XXXXXXXXXXX: yes Mistress
BOSSY BRAt: you wear pink panties because you like it… and it feels good.. is that right?
XXXXXXXXXXX: well id rather have you know the truth than the fingers in the ass thing
XXXXXXXXXXX: yes Mistress
BOSSY BRAt: hahahaha
BOSSY BRAt: so if Im hearing you right… you think its beneath you to have a hairy mans fingers in your ass, then to wear panties for pleasure and chastity?
BOSSY BRAt: the irony is making my palms so itchy… youre so funny today servant boy
XXXXXXXXXXX: yes Mistress thats correct
XXXXXXXXXXX: maybe its cause nothing has been up my butt ever

Darkmystic, or TIM Johnson… even though he says his name is Terry Shaw… sent in my Russian Roulette blackmail application… and the loser got caught… some do, some dont… he did and when I emailed him with some of his info all he had to say was “omg how the fuck?” and “Paid!” hahaha… well he says he has sobered up and hes not really a bitch and doesnt want this,… hahahah ummm you buy out bitch not walk out loser so you better get that wallet back over here!

MarkB who is married is also become quite smitten with Me… It seems so many married men are falling into my home-wrecking web Iv been so cruel to lay out for all you attached idiots… hahaha you boys and your horny little weenies… so easy to control!

I havent heard much from  “D” and his gf leslie… so since D has now annoyed me by not continuing to do his job – Iv decided to just continue on with the plans anyway and home-wreck them as planned… BUT now since D tried to be a bad boy, Im going to switch things up just a bit… Now rather have leslie become my friend, Im going to just play cat and mouse with the whole situation and have some seriously juvenile and deviant homewrecking fun!

Iv made second contact to leslie, D’s girlfriend of 8 years… if she doesnt reply to this facebook message Ill email her, and if at that point there is no response… I have already added several of their friends… So I am now equipped to go far out of my way to let his gf, or their friends know what a perverted little weasel D is!  :handcuffs: You wanted home-wrecking D, well here it is… You know its not JUST about the money… a true Princess also enjoys her evil doings, and when you take away my fun, I come after your balls… or wallet 🙂

UK Cockwhore was pretty quiet the past week which I really couldnt care less about – hes been serving me for SO LONG and I still dont care about him at all! Anyway the bitch cant stay away long and hes back and so is his wallet…  He was privileged with a $700 verbal tirade that he prob wont ever forget and wank to every night… hes so fun to insult… hes so fucking stupid… but thats whats so great 🙂 his stupidity and weakness makes him easy to soak! :money1:


those SIGMA make-up brushes are actually pretty decent… They were about $90 on amazon and Id say they were worth the money… not as good as mac but totally worth the buy… Im pretty happy with them! as some of you may know, I want to take some classes so maybe I can be a make-up artist part time, for fun! So Iv been taking little tutorials and stuff, buying brushes and different types of make-up and my make-up job is getting pretty good… anyway <3 the brushes! Oh and I cant wait for my next batch of pictures… Im going to have those pink animal print “violent Lips” on my lips… going to be sooo hot!




This piece of shit electri razor is more liek a fucking sick torture device, its totally absurd… a real and actual piece of shit this thing is… it was bought for me off my wishlist and its sure not my favorite gift of the week!

So, Im selling this on ebanned as a torture device for losers who do online sessions… it would be the most PERFECT  device to use on sessions.. it hurts like a bitch, its safe, its good for slow agonizing pain which causes you virtually no harm… this thing seriosuly fucking hurts and its a total piece of shit… i dont know how it passed testing, how its even for sale… no joke its a torture device…

and its not just me, I had two of my girlfriends try it too and both of them ere absolutely astonished at what a painful piece of shit this is… maybe I got a dud, I dont know… what i do know is one of you stupid idiots are going to LOVE this for sessions!!! stay tuned for my post on the auction!


woohoo I love this backpack!


alright bitches, Im bored of typing… so… get your cards out, serve me now!

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