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My Vaca Post

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Check this post often slaves… Ill be updating it over the next couple weeks! enjoy the pics and vids… (newest will be at the bottom)
NEW Pics AUG 14 / (new pics @ the bottom Aug 17)








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Below is at White Rock… My fav place in/around Van so far…


Above is my painful attempt at skim boarding… and I mean painful!!! between the rocks and be eating sand and falling off every time haha whatevs in the end I won and rode my skim board fr a whole second! woohoo 🙂


Above is one of my fav pics… Instant water babe!!! Iv always said how much I dont like the water, but I cant seem to stay out of it… Iv taken a HUGE liking to the water and this week Iv discovered “boarding” and I must say.. Im pretty good for a newbi!


This is the little strip in front of the beach which you can buy the best onion rings ever!!!

20120817-082224.jpgHello VEGAN food right on the beach?!?! Served by a very friendly bi racial boy… white rock gets 2 thumbs up!


So here I am on my second paddle boarding session that day… the 1st one was almost 2 hours in which my instructor kindly told me the waters were very rough and hadnt been that crazy in weeks – I wasnt impressed as we were half way to the pier at this point and the waves were getting a bit much for my liking… “Ride the waves, paddle in the waves, bla bla bla” says my sadistic instructor – and of course Id fall again… “haha woohoo now get back on” my instructor would yell” and I would… one hour later we made it to the pier and it was clear calm waters as I was promised… By now in the calm waters I felt like a fucking pro… so we went under the dock and looked at crabs and starfish… I didnt know starfish were hard with little tenticle things…

ANYWAY… about 2 hours later we made it back and I didnt have enough… so I said “wanna go again?” and my instructor was like “hell yeah” So we went for a drink and some food and then went back out for almost 3 hours… OMFG what an amazing journy that one was… this time we went a different way and ended up in an opening and went in it which lead to a big huge long beautiful lake… and it was nothing but bush with eagles, gray herrings and other random wild life on either side of us…The second time out I felt like i had been boarding for years… okay maybe not years but much longer than a day! 🙂 I was turning, stopping and had decent control of the board! Though I must say, paddling against the current fkin sucks!

(((Almost 5 hours paddle boarding on my first day learning – and thats not pissing around in front of the sand… I was fucking OUT TO SEA baby! lol)


I almost forgot what colour I am until I looked in the mirror before I hopped in the shower… jebus my poor boobies need some sun too!



here I am in Surrey which lives up to its reputation… its a bit dingey looking everywhere, people dont seem overly nice and I also got sucked into the WORST gel nail job iv ever had in my life… I wont even show pictures of my nail job (though if youre really curious how gross the nail job were, I posted a pic on twitter)… BUT I did get some cool henna…(Now I hate the henna and it wont wash off ffs!)





slaves… its been a very pricey vaca and I still have another sexy fun week to go!!! TRIBUTE TRIBUTE TRIBUTE!

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