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Mean girl blackmail (blackmail application)

Friday, May 15th, 2020

I don’t care if you think you spent too much, I don’t care if you’re worried, I don’t care about your thoughts or anything when we’re in blackmail… you just get bossed around and ordered to do things and you get no say so about it at all. Just watch how you send all your info too in this clip, you’re so powerless to Me. Ahh, what an amazing thought!

Treat yourself to the unbelievable but real Princess thoughts on how you become subhuman and turn into a 4 inch plastic square with numbers on it… You don’t have a pulse but you do fit into atm machines and spit out money for Me.

Great, now just follow the orders in this clip and send the full details I ask for in the email you will be sending me and before you know it, you’re going to be My next blackmail pet.

$50 Blackmail application clip Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Blackmail Voodoo Spell

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

This magical and real voodoo blackmail magic spell comes with detailed reading plus a voodoo image with details for you to load on your phone as well.

This blackmail voodoo spell takes several hours to finish so you will be busy stroking in ritual to blackmail for hours… when its all done you will have released and sent me your info to very diabolical black magic way.

This is real blackmail and real black magic as well.. You can’t resist, buy/stroke now!

Blackmail Instructions / $50

Did you know I have A LOT of other black magic, brainwashing, and witchcraft content? Over here on

Blackmail Foreplay

Monday, August 5th, 2019

Blackmail is a beautiful thing when its done by a Princess like myself… There’s a lot that goes into blackmail. your lack power, your loss of opinions, your dwindling sense of control, and of course your finances. How fun does that sound to be totally bossed around by a hot Princess, and watch her have her way with your wallet?!

This blackmail foreplay text has many blackmail teasing questions which gets you writing a little email to Me, and sharing a few little personal details of yours. This is not a full blackmail application as this is like foreplay, it gets you nice and warmed up by getting you to give me some of your details.

This may or may not be enough info for Me to do anything with but the chances are this is 100% safe to send as you will see the questions inside probably wouldn’t give Me all I want to really blackmail someone – but you never know 😉

Follow all the steps, and answer all the questions inside this blackmail foreplay. This includes the guided JOI/jerk off instruction and press send orgasm that I’ve instructed you to have.

Blackmail interactive reading / $25 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Blackmailed by lunch.

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Imagine being exploited in your weakest hour, first thing in the morning. You’re extra dumb in this moment because you’re about to have a soul draining day at the office while you are forced to pretend to be normal all day long. Secretly inside you want someone to grab you by your balls and treat you like a loser.

It would be way more exciting if you knew that all day long you had the honour or worrying and stressing out over all the new power I have over you… Will I take more money from you today or make some other wild demand? All you can think about is Me, and how I used your boring morning beta brain to manipulate you into real blackmail…

This blackmail application should be purchased now but not looked at until first thing in the morning.. ( or if for some reason it’s first thing in the morning and your reading this, this is the perfect time to purchase and fill it out)

step by step text & photo instructions / $35 /

**Bonus 7 day blackmail breakfast eating plan included  to help you to starve and not waste too much money on food when Ill probably be taking all your dough from you.**

Blackmailed by nylon boot feet JOI

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Using my dirty nylon feet in over the knee, kitten heel black boots to TRAP you into REAL blackmail!! Stroke and cum to a blackmail description so real and a guided blackmail visualization that feels so good that you might accidentally actually follow the visualization commands and do it… This is JUST a guided JOI & cum countdown blackmail visualization so no matter how tempting it is or how blurred the lines are just stroke but, don’t actually send me the info and hit send on your application… if you can help it 😉

11 minutes / $16.99 /


Accidentally Blackmailed AGAIN!

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Lets have a harmless little blackmail practice or dry run… you follow My instructions, watch My visuals and maybe even stroke a little. Just to get the blackmail feelings goinng… and then you just dont hit send but still get a little blackmail warm up session…

I mean, you wont actually hit send will you? This is just a warm up or practice, I’m not expecting any slaves who buy this to send me their info or engage in blackmail at all… this is a harmless sexy blackmail clip that mind fucks you into stroking and getting horny of blackmail – Only really weak idiots accidentally hit send by getting really weak over my visuals… well hopefully thats not going to be you haha *it probably is*

10 MINUTES LONG / $17.99 /

Guided blackmail email

Monday, May 28th, 2018

This clip guides you through sending me a blackmail email with specific questions I ask from you… Ill guide you, slightly and lightly tease or seduce you through extra bitch girly behaviours which will make you stupid and send the email more easily.

Look, your life is boring and since your a beta who needs to have his balls nailed to the wall, you need to take a chance this time, be dumb, follow My steps and let me talk you through a blackmail email…

This will make you HIT SEND with a 10 second hit send countdown and stroke

7 minutes / $49.99 /


Enchanted Blackmail Zone Out

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

14 minutes of brainwashing, mind fucking, and enchanted blackmail manipulation that will cause you to ZONE OUT which leaves your subconscious mind all mine!

You crave blackmail but after this mp3 you will not be able to resist it… This leads your mind to addictive places and distracts your logic center with stroking and edging to help keep you extra dumb. Once your mind is open I assert My magic over you by making you realize how easily you’re swayed by My magic… its so easy to implant blackmail desires into your mind.

After haring this mp3, you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting send on a blackmail application… you’ll be stroking and jumping into blackmail so fast you won’t even realize how you’ve been brainwashed and hypnotized into it all yet jump so easily.. *you need a candle and dark room to listen*

14 minute mp3 / $20 /

High Quality – Professionally Produced – Quiet Mood Setting Custom Music

blackmail, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, magic mistress goddess

Blackmail & Poppers Application

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

This blackmail application is made to work with poppers and edging. You will be sniffing and stroking while engaging in blackmail fun with this interactive blackmail application by reading and sending off 20 blackmail questions to Me.

This is a PDF file which works on all devices which makes it quick and easy to access and get into trouble with 😉

Stroke and sniff LOTS of poppers just reading the blackmail application… and even answering requires more sniffing which means you are going to be SO BUZZED that by the time I make you hit send you won’t even realize you’re doing it because you’ll be too caught up sniffing and stroking… Full sniff and stroke instructions are provided in this 3 page PDF. This is a full real blackmail application that you should buy and fill out if you want to be blackmailed.

$49.99 / Real Blackmail Application / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Drunk real blackmail confessional

Monday, March 19th, 2018

oops I had too many glasses of wine while having fun filming clips and ended up drunk. Now Im ready to spill the beans on the huge blackmail scandal from about 4 or 5 years ago when the US Army guy got dishonorably discharged after SOMEONE leaked the photos of him jerking off to his flatmates underwear and sent them to his Army sargent

The last time I heard from this looser he couldn’t even get a decent job after he was ruined and was now cleaning toilets as a janitor for a cheap motel. OMG who did that to the poor underwear sniffing wanker? that poor pervert… haha

This is a REAL blackmail confessional and if you like watching ice cold Women whose mannerisms reflect a mean little devil, then this clip is for you!!

Watch me snack on vegan chips and a bota box while I confess some crazy ass stuff!

6 minutes / $24.99 /


Hot Bitch humiliating losers

Monday, March 19th, 2018

I make you tell me your humiliating painful memories… I make you open up and sink into all your SHORT COMINGS hahaha and unlike nice girls, I laugh at you instead of being nice about it…

I humiliate you like an arrogant Goddess who is only toying with you like a kitten would playfully attack a ball of yarn.. unraveling it and leaving it totally unraveled…

We role play a phone call between you and I in which you get reduced into a little loser who jerks off while I make fun of how hes been a loser all his life… Yep you’ve been a loser all your life and I even help you go down memory lane and discover you have been a beta nerd for a lifetime.

Me, Im hot.. exotic looking, snobby and I get kicks out of stepping on beta males and making them my addicted losers!

10 minutes / $12.99 /

Shamed into REAL blackmail

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Using my sweet ass and tits and My bitchy attitude to SHAME & HUMILIATE you into blackmail… I make you feel sooo stupid for not getting blackmailed by now…

As Im talking down to you Ive not my sweet ass cheeks right in your dumb face and spread them making you focus on My perfect Goddess ass and while you smell and drool over the smell and beautiful ass that it is… Ive got you feeling the urge to go ahead and just give in today…

GUIDED blackmail info extraction with a 10 second Hit Send countdown that will have you rock hard and dumb as fuck… hitting send like a good loser for Me!

My ass, tits and Mean Goddess attitude in this clip will make you feel like such a stupid loser that you’ll end up hitting send!

8 minutes long / $14.99 /

Encrypted blackmail hacker bitch

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

THE ULTIMATE BLACKMAIL CLIP THAT FUCKS OVER EVERYONE!! Im a  hacker bitch who has encrypted this clip AND MANY OTHER pages youve been to online…

Now its too late… watch this HOT HACKER IN LATEX blackmail your sorry ass hahaha Yep YOU will be blackmailed after watching this clip – do you dare to load this clip? Dare to watch this even genius in latex hack her way into your life?!?!

If you enjoy drama/hacker/evil Woman type movies this clip will be up your loser alley for sure as it has been edited and has easy to listen to blackmail music that makes you feel like you’ve been caught in some HBO blackmail movie…

Teased, and controlled while you’re rinsed of $100 by the end of this clip!!

11 minutes / $24.99 /

Blackmailed into blackmail

Monday, December 18th, 2017

umm you’re basically getting blackmailed just by watching this clip and sure its safe to watch because you cant REALLY get blackmailed just from watching one clip… can you?! 😉

So yeah, heres the deal, you ARE getting blackmailed and I have all kinds of arsenal in My bag to basically MAKE you become blackmailed… Yeah thats right, Im blackmailing you into legal blackmail hahaha.

Watch this clip if you dare…

vibe: careless, bratty, bossy, mean, arrogant, minimal teasing in only one part with baby talk to make you more stupid.

8 minutes / $17.99 /

Blackmail Lab rat Analysis

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

You are in blackmail lab rat mode, offering up much more than your personal details but rather being questioned on the very thing that makes you tick – your blackmail blue prints will be all mine after you share these details with Me!

Imagine if *I* had the magic button that makes you crumble in a single finger snap and give in to blackmail… well this blackmail lab rat analysis is going to be your magic no fail fuck over button. Seems harmless enough, I mean I’m not asking for the regular info you’re used to… you may as well stroke and fill it out! 🙂

all complete submissions will hear back from Me with personal suggested next steps

$19.99 / text /