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7 Day Public Humiliation Pervert Tasks Schedule

Friday, May 15th, 2020

7 days worth of fun but humiliating tasks which you will do in public… I would say these are light to moderate in public humiliation but some give high humiliation thrills…
7 days of details are on a calendar style PDF image which you can save to your phone, tablet or computer for easy reading while on the assignment.
JOI – Humiliation – Cum Eating – AND MORE!
Some days are only an hour of your time while others could be done while at work putting you on this task for hours of Princess Mindy servitude fun.
2 page PDF which is viewable to read from any device


This has a range of fetishes from lightly humiliating to potentially lightly degrading but the focus is on humiliating and fun. Lots of jerking off and even a day with cum eating instructions… This is a great way to experiment, serve Me in private or warm up.. This is for losers or perverts!

your GF is the dirt on the bottom of My shoes

Monday, August 12th, 2019

The dirt on the bottom of My shoes is your girlfriend, and you’re lucky the dirt on the bottom of my shoe would even consider you to date…. Wow just look how beautiful the dirt on the bottom of My shoes is, you’re going to want to make out with her when you get a look at her close up.

In this clip I introduce you to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes and thanks to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes, you don’t have to be alone any more! Now you’re dating My shoe dirt.

I humiliate you, laugh at you, and look hot while making you  bitch to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes… enjoy loser!

7 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

10 ways to become a dirty sissy fast!

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

This assignment has TONS of slutty reading which will give you 10 amazing skanky ways to become a real life slutty skanky sissy who has never been easier, dirtier or sleazier!!! You will have so many tasks to do that will make you fuck, suck, and degrade yourself all while turning you into the biggest dick sucker on earth! You will be doing feminization, humiliation, actually gender transformation training, and much more… by the time you’re done this assignment, you will be the biggest whore on the block! have Fun!

Text assignment with pics / $13.69 /

5 tips to cum faster like a loser

Monday, July 15th, 2019

Imagine if you were only able to jerk off or have sex for SECONDS at most – you would be SO HUMILIATED and jerk off sessions would make you feel like an even more pathetic loser than you already feel!
Well, I have 5 amazing tips which are like training techniques to make your ability to penetrate and pump a woman or even your own hand get reduced to mere minutes or even seconds… you won’t even have a sex life after doing this for a few months…

Do this loser training now and watch your ability to jack off get ruined by your premature ejaculation problem that turns into a sex life ruining humiliation! hahaha enjoy loser!


Loser emasculation session

Friday, March 29th, 2019

Clip Description: Mini loser session for you is about to ensue so grab your loser black felt pen, and get ready to be humiliated, and emasculated for My entertainment. I talk down to you as if you were the worlds biggest nerd, and give you humiliating tasks to do while watching this clip…
you’ll be defacing your body, sticking things up your ass, and even pillow humping. So this clip is for losers only!
If you like being made fun of by Hot Women, and laughed at while made to do humiliating things, this clip is for you. This clip is kind of like a mini humiliation session as you follow along with losers tasks while I humiliate, and emasculate you.

$19.99 / 9 minutes long /

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LOSER_EMASCULATION_SESSION.gif

Loser tasks 4the ULTRA LOSER

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Loser tasks for the ULTRA LOSER!

5 loser tasks for serious losers who don’t deserve o be treated well… some are private tasks, some are sort of public, and this could take you all day long to complete which will keep you in Mindy Mode all day long, serving Me.

The fetishes are chastity, JOI, licking, public, humiliation, homewrecking, and punishment

If you really want to be a good loser slave you have to earn it through humiliation and slave duties… lower yourself even lower now and do these 5 tasks to entertain Me and your expense.

$8 / slave assignment /

Homewrecker Breakup Vid

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Mean Homewrecker : The Breakup Vid

Play this homewrecker clip for your wife/gf, let her see this, and watch what happens… yes, this clip is for your wife to watch… and its going to RUIN your relationship. This is a Breakup Clip!

I tell her EVERYTHING… how you prefer My looks, body, and how you think shes boring, and basic. I even warn her not to try and compete with Me because she will only humiliate herself because she cannot compete with me… Im way too pretty for her…

Its best she just go away and get lost because you’re all mine… You’re MY bitch and I will not share your paycheques with her any more…

Watch how I tease and flaunt in front of her, making her ooze with jealousy… she cant stand My tits in hr face, or My pretty face.. uuhh shes going to KNOW shes homewrecked with one look of my feminine powerful body…

Want to break up with your gf or divorce your wife? This is the clip for you…

10 minutes / $14.99 /

Old man destroyer

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

I totally ruin, and fuck over the old guys… I destroy them and take all their cash while turning them into jerk off, spending addicts who cannot resist My beauty and need to jerk off to it daily…

I make you stroke faster, and faster while I laugh at how weak and stupid you are… aww its so easy to rob the old guys of all their pensions and 401k plans… you NEED My body to adore or you wont get hard… you need to hear me talk about using you and taking advantage of you.

My cum countdown makes you ever so slightly mind fucked and feeling extremely weak… Will you be My next old man slave victim? Stroke now and see what happens

9 minutes long / $15 /

Thanksgiving Fuck Over 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to be turned into a popper sniffing, jerk off stroke bot, drunken worship-bot… I mean, can you think of any other better time to be grabbed by your balls and controlled all day… forget your family and friends, this Thanksgiving is all about Me, and turning your entire day into a train-wreck of stroking and popper sniffing.

You will be horny all day, stroking, spending, getting nice and buzzed while engaging on secret loser missions that you have to perform in front of people adding to your thanksgiving with humiliation and loser feelings…

just when everyone thought you couldn’t get any more pathetic… you do! Get fucked over this thanksgiving and make your boring Thanksgiving one to remember by giving your entire day to obeying My commands.

5 page slave assignment / $20 /

Fetishes: jerk off instructions, cum instructions, humiliation, poppers, intox, Goddess worship, chastity

24 humiliating hours task

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

This 8 page PDF slave assignment has 24 hours worth of loser humiliation for emasculated slaves who like or deserve having their manhood stripped from them while made to do lots of humiliating things.

There are a variety of ways you will be being a loser in this 24 hour assignment from public things to pillow humping and more… you deserve 24 hours of humiliation so buy this now and get busy being a good loser!

8 Page PDF/ $12.99 /

humiliated loser pic

2 Hour Poppers Game

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

SO MANY POPPER SNIFFS You get sooo BUZZED & MESSY!! This 2 hour poppers game has lots of rules and things to do to keep you busy getting buzzed as fuck!
Just watching the clip has almost 30 sniff commands. The fun keeps going after the clip stops because I have given you orders to keep you sniffing, stroking, serving Me and getting super buzzed for 2 hours after the clip ends.
After hours of hardcore peak edging, sniffing and worshiping, you get a cum release that you have while sniffing and carrying out My Princess orders. *FUN!*

8 1/2 minutes long / $17.99 /

mark fogarty loser custom

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Mark is a huge loser and I created this disaster of a male around 9 years ago… He paid for a custom which this is and I brag about fucking him over when he was new and didn’t know what to expect… then I ridicule the SH*T out of his relationship and laugh at him and mock him for being so stupid…

I’ve made MANY predictions on his loser life and they ALL came true… now I’ve got new predictions for him that are going to change his beta life… Watch how careless and powerful I am all while being such a humiliating, arrogant Princess who truly enjoys trampling her man slaves!

Enjoy watching how this victim has been emotionally ruined and drained of around $50 – $100k over the years. *Follow along with this clip by sniffing poppers and taking shots when I say to.*

13 minutes long / $13 /

3 types of loser men *humiliation*

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

3 types of loser men *humiliation quiz style*

This is like a homewrecker loser quiz that gets you punished after you take it. I explain 3 types of men that Women like me stay far away from and are total losers and then make you feel SO inadequate about it .

The 3 types of loser men are, 1. Bob the builder, 2. the Halloween husband, and 3, the default beta… I explain in humiliating descriptive ego crushing detail what each group of men are and all the laughable things about them. *you think you’re a loser haha you’re so much worse than that… you’re also going to have a punishment given to you in this clip which the punishment is determined by which loser category you fit into.

Your wife/gf will not like this clip either because I degrade and belittle your stupid relationship and manipulate you into breaking up with her.

If you don’t LOVE humiliation then just be warned because I’m quite rude to you in this clip, and I’m in majour mean, crush your balls and emasculate you brat mode 😉

18 minutes / $18.99 /

Pillow Humper Sex

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Hello my little beta bitches! Excited for another fun jerk off assignment? A chance to play with your little loser small cock while Goddess laughs and shows all her hot friends?

Well today is your lucky day haha – because that’s exactly what I’ve got planned for you. Today you’re going to make yourself a sexy girlfriend to play with and fuck. She’s going to have the hottest curves in all the right places. And if you’re lucky and bang her brains out hard enough – she might let you make this a full time thing.

2 page PDF / $1.99 /

The Devil wears pink

Monday, June 11th, 2018

why spend your days having things easy when you could have a life filled with stress and ball crushing emasculation by getting hooked on a venomous Devil Girl?!…

I LOVE causing you grief and worry… I love getting you in trouble and being the source of all your dick stroking financial problems. I get My kicks off by draining your bank account and kicking your balls haha

You cannot resist Females who are charismatic, arrogant, charming and have an irresistible evil streak to them… Disarmed by My girlish ways and how adorbs I look in pink but guess what, bitch? The Devil wears pink 😉

5 minutes / $20 /