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7 Day Public Humiliation Pervert Tasks Schedule

Friday, May 15th, 2020

7 days worth of fun but humiliating tasks which you will do in public… I would say these are light to moderate in public humiliation but some give high humiliation thrills…
7 days of details are on a calendar style PDF image which you can save to your phone, tablet or computer for easy reading while on the assignment.
JOI – Humiliation – Cum Eating – AND MORE!
Some days are only an hour of your time while others could be done while at work putting you on this task for hours of Princess Mindy servitude fun.
2 page PDF which is viewable to read from any device


This has a range of fetishes from lightly humiliating to potentially lightly degrading but the focus is on humiliating and fun. Lots of jerking off and even a day with cum eating instructions… This is a great way to experiment, serve Me in private or warm up.. This is for losers or perverts!

Degraded public loser JOI

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Are you a serious loser who can handle REAL humiliation and even cum to it? I’m going to put you on a public degrading and humiliation assignment that will make you stroke and release in the grossest public place.

This is so you can prove to Me that you are a real actual loser boy who loves to be humiliated and do dumb things for Hot Females. You can’t impress Me easily, its going to take real humiliation, out in public and showing Me that you can get off when the pressure is on… anything for Me!

This is degrading, probably humiliating, it’s in public and its a lot of loser stroking. Losers Only! #SlaveAssignment #PublicTask #PublicJOI #PublicHumiliation #CEI

7 minutes long / $15 /

gay public prospecting

Monday, May 14th, 2018

Ready to find a REAL boyfriend or booty call who wants to fuck your mouth???
This PUBLIC gay slave assignment is designed to be fun and expose yourself and put you in REAL situations where men think “Is he gay?” “would he suck my dick?” You will be doing things that might get men calling you for sex… Public guided gay vibes, flirting and possible gay use and humiliation.
This will only take a maximum of a couple of hours to do, its fun, risky, possibly humiliating and has a high potential for you to get men phoning you for gay sex.
#GayTraining #GaySex #SlaveAssignment

$17.99 / Text File /

Public toilet task for LOSERS

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

This is an assignment I give you which consists of very humiliating details that will make you an even bigger loser… and of course I laugh at you and humiliate you through out the clip too

You will be going to specific public washrooms and doing humiliating and degrading things in there that will make you feel soooo pathetic!

This is for serious losers only because no real man would ever do this… There  are specific details I want you to do in these bathrooms so buy this clip and get ready to go be a huge loser in public for Me!

Are you ready to impress Me? Do you think your pathetic enough for this fun loser assignment??? Buy this now and get serving me with your humiliation!

6 minbutes / $10 /

20 public jerk offs

Friday, August 12th, 2016

hello… Im writing this as an opportunity for you to amuse me through doing a series of fairly pathetic public jerk off and cum tasks which will both make you a huge loser if you do all this and also give you the pathetic rush of being a loser in public.

I know how much you slaves love being humiliated and playing with your pathetic dicks so this slave assignment is going to have you jacking off all over town and doing degrading dirty slave tasks with the risk of getting caught.

Plan to do lots of jacking off and going on a public slave assignment to complete these orders… if you can make it the whole way through you get to have a huge humiliating pathetic orgasm. *slave assignment not a clip*

$8.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Custom Your City Slave Assignment

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

This is a custom to you and your city public slave assignment.

This means after you tell me the city you live in, I will take the time myself to check out what your city has to offer or places to send you and then come up with a slave assignment just for you.

You will also let me know if you want this to be a humiliation jerk off assignment or a public humiliation assignment, etc – It will be custom to you just mention some requested elements when you contact me

Delivery time is anywhere from 4 hours to one week (typically 4 hours to 2 days)

Cost: $250 Buy from Princess-Mindy through

*no other information other than your city is needed and I only ask that so I can find places to send you*

custom niteflirt slave assignments

Degrading Public Cumer Loser

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Hi pervert!

Its time to degrade yourself for my entertainment again. Good news, Ive come up with something nice and gross for you!

This is going to be a humiliating, risky and super degrading jerk off and cum public assignment… this means you’ll be wanking and cuming IN PUBLIC with the risk of getting caught, being humiliated and just the mere act of following these orders is degrading and shameful enough – much less you’re going to cum multiples times doing this.

Serious jack off loser perverts ONLY!

There will be 5 different jerk off and cum orders and 4 of those will be in public but ALL are DEGRADING and pathetic! So, you will be cumming 5 times and each time you cum gets you more and more disgusting and shameful… I cant imagine who would actually do all this, because its just WRONG! I guess that makes this degrading public cum jack off assignment perfect for you since you are a gross loser after all!

Fetishes: Cum eating instructions, jerk off instructions, public humiliation, Mindy Worship, Slave Assignment


3 fucked up loser tasks

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

WARNING: this assignment video is GROSS, wrong and WILL make you a loser if you do this!!!

I give you 3 loser tasks which involve you going out in PUBLIC to degrade and humiliate yourself.
how stupid and perverted would you have to be to actually do this stuff? a HUGE idiot… this is just wrong hahah only a big huge stupid loser would even buy this clip – I mean, do you like being treated badly by hot women???? If youre buying this, you must be a sucker for serious abuse and punishment! have fun losers & I hope you dont get caught doing THIS sick stuff! *actually I do hoep you get caught bc that would be funny lol*

8 mins / $11 /

Public Cock, Ball & Ass Kissing Freak

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

This 5 star humiliation assignment is both creative & HIGHLY entertaining for Myself, random men *possibly your peers*, and even YOU!!! (more…)

50 Degrading & Humiliating Kisses

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

This HUMILIATING & Degrading assignment is for seriously huge losers… you will be violated, degraded, humiliated and maybe even sink lower then ever! (more…)

Slave Information harvesting

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Slave Information harvesting & Profiling

Big Sister Project “Slave information harvesting & profiling” is now in effect… and you have NEVER been so dehumanized & grilled like this before…

Be put under my deviant microscope, examined and investigated in every bratty way – NOTHING is left private, nothing remains personal… I will ask it ALL… Fill out my Information Harvesting Form and take part in possibly the single handed most IDIOTIC, yet HOT and cock hardening exciting femdom adventure of your life… The government keeps their big brother eye on you sheep all the time, BUT NOW *Im* keeping the big Sister eye on you and theres NO TELLING WHAT *I’ll* do with ALL this dirty and personal information!!!

Imagine a blackmail application, on steroids…  Imagine filling out the deepest, most private and jaw dropping form you’ve ever seen… HOW DARE I ask this stuff… hahahah loser, you dont mean ANYTHING to Me, but now that I have all your information… lets see how I can entertain myself with you!

***BUY NOW – MUST BUY*** You’ll be wanking to my bratty ball-sy audacity, to the nerve of my obvious ill-natured questions…***

READING this is one experience all in itself… Filling it out will be yet another… Sending it… is not for the pussies, weak or anyone Not ready to become ENSLAVED! *includes a free Hit Send mp3*




Disaster Date

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


datewithdisasterThis HOT humiliation assignment is for the MASSIVE humiliation losers out there!!! This is EXTREME & highly amusing humiliation which will make your fantasies of being Laughed At, Humiliated, & the recipiant of many odd looks & MORE!!! Can you endure the humiliation you have always wanted??? Be the out cast loser you know you really are & get publicly humiliated NOW!

Getting ready for your assignment will be fun all in itself! as you will have to actually go through the humiliating steps I have you do… you will start to see my deviant plan unfold and the excitment and pre-humiliation will set in, even before you actually go out in public for your DATE WITH DISASTER