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loser examination

22 May, 2013

3 Day perv wank task Its time for a loser examination check up… This is a half loser test and half loser assignment… Its comprised of about 25 questions which range from mild and nosey, to degrading and very humiliating… you’re ordered to do ALL pathetic tasks and report in the interactive form on what you did and how it went. I can tell you right now this is NOT for the weak of loser heart haha this is serious loser stuff… if you’re not a pathetic, gross moron loser slave you better run now because upon doing even HALF of this stuff your stock will plummet and you will instantly become a big time loser!

Are you a pathetic humiliated nerd loser? well you better buy this FAST, we need to find out how much of a loser you are… Yeah sure you’ll enjoy being made to humiliate, degrade and defile yourself but try and remember… this is serious business… So dont fuck up and take your abuse and humiliation seriously! haha buy it and do it now!

Fetishes: humiliation, degrading, jerk off, rude cum instructions, gay, pay, and more!



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