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Bursts of ass & popper sniffs

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

the non stop poppers gets you buzzed so hard BUT its My ass that fucks you up! Ass sniffing, popper sniffing mind fuck for ass addicts with poppers.
Sniff my ass with each popper sniff, and while the visuals mess with you, My vocals start to rewire you and transform you into a jerk off addict for my hot ass.
I stick my ass right in your face, shake my ass, and taunt you with My ass knowing you will be totally screwed with poppers and My ass…
Lots off ass worship tease and smelling with non stop popper sniffing commands

7 minutes long / $15 /


Poppers brainwashing joi

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Hardcore Sexy brainwashing & majour popper sniffing with JOI and a cum countdown… as if you can resist this clip – not a chance! There are hundreds of flashing text triggers, commands and reprogramming words that flash on the screen… non stop. Some you can read and others are only for your subconscious mind.

The brainwashing commands I speak and the words that flash tell you to stroke, and sniff, and to stroke more, sniff more, and seduce or trap you into weakness. You cannot resist My beauty, My voice, My words and every stroke takes you deeper… sniff more poppers… more… sniff deeper, hold the inhales, slip away… deeper and deeper.

Good now more poppers… while words dance and flash before your eyes dragging you into an eternal descent into your hottest jerk off popper sniffing mind fuck fantasy… you will be mind fucked and brainwashed… when this clip is done and after you sniff all thee poppers – your mind will be totally rewired and you will be left buzzed, and mind fucked!

The most intense poppers and brainwashing clip you will ever see… *I think this may be My favourite poppers clip of them all*

8 minutes long / $19.99 / 


Homewrecker Breakup Vid

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Mean Homewrecker : The Breakup Vid

Play this homewrecker clip for your wife/gf, let her see this, and watch what happens… yes, this clip is for your wife to watch… and its going to RUIN your relationship. This is a Breakup Clip!

I tell her EVERYTHING… how you prefer My looks, body, and how you think shes boring, and basic. I even warn her not to try and compete with Me because she will only humiliate herself because she cannot compete with me… Im way too pretty for her…

Its best she just go away and get lost because you’re all mine… You’re MY bitch and I will not share your paycheques with her any more…

Watch how I tease and flaunt in front of her, making her ooze with jealousy… she cant stand My tits in hr face, or My pretty face.. uuhh shes going to KNOW shes homewrecked with one look of my feminine powerful body…

Want to break up with your gf or divorce your wife? This is the clip for you…

10 minutes / $14.99 /

Princess makes u spend

Friday, August 10th, 2018

“Princess Makes You Spend So Much”

YAY I can’t believe we’re in Vegas together… I’m so excited, I’m going to spend SO MUCH of your money this weekend too… You can’t say no to Me, you have no will power with me because I’m too pretty and fun.

Do you like My Kim Kardashian style of dress? you can see through it and its pretty sexy… you’re lucky to be here with Me, I look really good.

You can’t say no to Princess, I make you want to spend and spend… you’re totally going to be spending sooo much this weekend. I’m so expensive. Yay, lets go! :))

6 minutes long / $9.99 /

Addicted to adult biz Girls

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

You are so hooked on minxy Women in the adult business… you don’t like normal girls at all, you like Women who lure in men, prey on them, then taunt and exploit them with their femininity and Female bodies.

You cannot stop stroking and touching yourself to big Princess bouncy round boobs like mine… My curves make you so weak. You can’t stay away, you need to give in to My clips like this. You have to, you have to pay and stroke.

Drool away and stroke while you worship My curvy body and big Princess tits being bounced in your face..

6 minutes / $8.99 /

Mind fuck overdose

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

You have watched so many mind fuck type clips that now you’re not even human any more, you’re just a bot waiting for a command and trigger which I can do so easily with out you even realizing its coming… Beautiful women have DESTROYED your mind and now its just a big mush puddle…
My ass, tits, pretty face and magical way with words captures your attention and focus… THEN I make you stare in my eyes and hold eye contact… while staring in My eyes you feel yourself getting weaker and weaker while My words rewire you making you even more fucked up.
you love to pay extra for an over priced clip which exploits your little brain… pay it and start to go deep… hit play and watch how your over mind fucked mind is worse than you thought… Watch now and be transformed into a non human spend bot
Drool away while I use your tiny mind fucked mind and my hot exotic body to make you into a real life walking, talking spend bot! *mean and seductive vibe*

13 minutes / $29.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through


Be the loser at My YP party!!

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Hey loser, wanna come to My huge party of the year for all the young professionals of the who’s who? You know all those good looking young rich bratty young Ladies and young gentlemen, Alphas, Tops, Wealthy Big Boys who wipe their asses with peons like you… wanna attend THAT kind of party?

Okay so heres the deal loser, I couldn’t get one of the middle bands to perform last minute so I need someone really entertaining to make all these successful young professionals laugh… and well you’re here and I know you’re pathetic and would love to be at My party… what do you think?

Do you think you can grab your hot sauce, jerk off hand some lube and get your ass and cock ready to amuse a bunch of stuck up millennials by reenacting some hot sauce viral challenges… only we want to see this with your dick and ass… TRY OUTS IN THE CLIPS. Buy now and stroke and audition now!

Vibe: bratty, snobby, humiliating, cool girls, loser humiliation, nerd life, fun, joi, ass play, no cum, left hanging

8 minutes long / $12.99 /

Lawyer protected homewrecking

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

This homewrecking clip was so evil it took almost $500 & 3 lawyer approved edits before I could release it!!!

In this clip is a “story” which is “probably” fake but maybe not… which I make a clip for a slaves wife, deliver it to her and reveal the dastardly details of the past 3 years online with her HUSBAND, My slave.

This got nasty, it got real, she got jealous and salty and tried to blame Me for their impending divorce… I needed My lawyer for a minute – My lawyer has plenty experience dealing with My online shenanigans and knows just hot to keep this little devil protected!

ENJOY 2 voice mails from my lawyer begging me to edit the original clip and saying its `too far`and a voice over from me explaining with my lawyers revised approved version of the NASTY real homewrecking story which is now unfolding!

Get ready bitches this is juicy and its probably your hottest dream being lived out by another slave… enjoy! #Real #Homewrecking

6 minutes long / $28.99 /

Too many hypnosis clips

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

you’ve watched way too many mind fuck clips and now your brain is garbage.. Great, now Im here to capitalize on your easily programmable mind and seduce you with mind fuck, tease and dominating Femme Power that no beta like you can resist…

Uh Oh, there might be some hidden and obvious subliminal messages and mind control image drops… never mind those, just focus on that pretty face of mine.

Yes focus on my tall exotic perma tanned body and my long perfect biracial hair and face… Im so perfect its so easy to fall under My Goddess spell!

13 minutes / $15 /

Date Night 01

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Date night series is an ongoing MP3 only series in which I create long and candid mp3 sessions which dupe as bad dates or dates gone wrong or dates with a terrible GF or dating your Mistress’ content.

Thats right, you cancel and ruin dates with real women in the real world and zone out on My long bratty but candid sessions which has a feel of you hanging out with me… being abused in some way hehe 😉 *BUY THIS DATE NIGHT 01 FIRST AND THEN OTHER MP3s IN THE SERIES*

So next time youre feeling lonely or you want a date or you have a date that you would like to fuck over for me… buy this and welcome to your new way to spend nights alone in your room.


Date Night 01 includes a detailed explanation on my vision for date night and then I jump into getting you naked and following my humiliating orders.

*please note this is only an mp3 and not a clip, not everything translates well with a clip. This is most effective as mp3 only.*

30 minute mp3 / $30 /

2 minutes to own your brain

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

In 2 minutes I will own your brain, mind and your life from here on after… actually you have no choice but to become a mind controlled puppet for Me because My perfect exotic beauty is way too much for a denied beta like you to resist!

You’re owned in 2 minutes!

2 minutes long / $5 /

Shiny Goddess Boots

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

I make these silver thigh high boots look even more stunning as they engulf much of my leg. You cant resist my hot body in this gorgeous sparkly wine bodysuit… it hugs my Goddess body so perfectly and makes you get so submissive!

My powerful boots are enough to ruin any boot bitch and even convert any man into a boot lover.

Adore My amazing style and my high quality while all My power and beauty becomes your #1 way to stroke.

5 minutes long / $7.77 /

initiation 4 nerds

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

hey nerd, I know you want to hang out with Me and My friends since were the cool crowd, the popular people… you know the group you always wanted to fit in to but never could…

All you have to do is my booze initiation task and if you do a good job Ill let you hang out with us..

FOOT Fetish & INT0X 4 NERDS: This sexy clip features lots of my sheer cool socks which show off my pretty toes and soles… adore my cute feet, beautiful socks and amazing Zanotti heels

Grab your liquor loser and get ready to drink your face off and face initiation

9 minutes long / $10 /

Late night JOI homewrecking cheating

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Homewrecking ASMR whisper mode is in effect in this clip so you can as I instruct, watch this late at night after sneaking out of bed with your wife or girlfriend so you can stroke and worship Me behind her back…

I guide you into TWO 30 second cum countdowns which will leave your mind totally blown away by My hotness and your balls totally drained so you go back to bed 100% disinterested in her! haha #Homewrecker!

Focus on My eyes as you stroke – this cultivates serious magic that will make your cock explode.

OMG My lace bodysuit shows WAY WAY more than I realized – I may not have filmed in this had I known My Princess body was this exposed… oh well Ill up the price and Goddess Tits addicts will go mental over the hotness. Wife/gf? what wife? shes history!

7 minutes long / $50 /

20k Findom Score

Friday, February 17th, 2017

I used and mind fucked a slave for $20k and in this clip I share some of the fun details as well show off some of my amazing gifts he bought me

Featuring 2 pairs of Giuseppe Zanotti’s, 2 Rebecca Minkoff purses, a blue sapphire bracelet and photos of the $20k score!

I also try on the shoes and show them off so if youre into foot or shoe worship, financial domination or spoiled Goddesses… this clip is for you!

14 minutes long / $15 /