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Be the loser at My YP party!!

financial domination findom goddess worship

Hey loser, wanna come to My huge party of the year for all the young professionals of the who’s who? You know all those good looking young rich bratty young Ladies and young gentlemen, Alphas, Tops, Wealthy Big Boys who wipe their asses with peons like you… wanna attend THAT kind of party?

Okay so heres the deal loser, I couldn’t get one of the middle bands to perform last minute so I need someone really entertaining to make all these successful young professionals laugh… and well you’re here and I know you’re pathetic and would love to be at My party… what do you think?

Do you think you can grab your hot sauce, jerk off hand some lube and get your ass and cock ready to amuse a bunch of stuck up millennials by reenacting some hot sauce viral challenges… only we want to see this with your dick and ass… TRY OUTS IN THE CLIPS. Buy now and stroke and audition now!

Vibe: bratty, snobby, humiliating, cool girls, loser humiliation, nerd life, fun, joi, ass play, no cum, left hanging

8 minutes long / $12.99 /

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