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Yummy black boots

Monday, April 13th, 2020

you’re beneath Me and you happen to also have a fetish for powerful black boots which is why you’re being put on he floor and made to lick My boots!

I play with you, taunt you and mock you while you kiss kiss kiss and kiss more all over My boots. I stick My pretty tongue out and signal for you to lick them too.

Im being such a brat while I exude My Princess Powers over you while wearing tight black pants, with black boots and a hot bra.. you are such a wimp for Me, you do everything I say because you crave to and can’t resist <3

6:25 minutes / $7.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

So glad you’re here because I felt like dominating you… great, now if you don’t mind Id like you on the ground, on your knees and you can pay some attention to these powerful black Princess Domme boots.. Buy This Clip Now!

you can’t resist Me AT ALL! haha

AVN Nylons and Sparkly Heels

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

You’re worshiping My nylons and licking My Jimmy Choo heels clean IN PUBLIC.. I’ve also attached some other bits like Me presenting two awards, and showing off My dress.

6 minutes long / $6.66 /

Can you just imagine all the grime you will be licking off these heels after I’ve been walking around in Vegas!? Have fun!

The Full AVN Awards 2020 Video & Post will be coming soon! Its months late but I do plan to show My AVN Awards 2020 blog post and video so keep your intoxicated eyes out for that! If you didn’t know I was invited to the AVN Awards 2020 and offered the opportunity to present 2 awards. I was nominated in Favourite Domme so I wasn’t allowed to present for that BUT I got the coolest award category to present in and it was all around super cool. Its a blog post and video you 100% want to see!

$3500 puppy paid purse

Monday, August 26th, 2019

My puppy bought Me a $3500 YSL red bag and this brag video is extra fun because it includes mall photos and videos of Me shopping for this purse.Watch now and see how amazing this beautiful YSL shiny red bag looks on Me, and hear all about how it was paid for by My slave!

9 minutes long / $11.99 /

your GF is the dirt on the bottom of My shoes

Monday, August 12th, 2019

The dirt on the bottom of My shoes is your girlfriend, and you’re lucky the dirt on the bottom of my shoe would even consider you to date…. Wow just look how beautiful the dirt on the bottom of My shoes is, you’re going to want to make out with her when you get a look at her close up.

In this clip I introduce you to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes and thanks to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes, you don’t have to be alone any more! Now you’re dating My shoe dirt.

I humiliate you, laugh at you, and look hot while making you  bitch to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes… enjoy loser!

7 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Chastity & Foot Worship Pics

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

22 beautiful chastity, and foot worship photos of me holding the device which I’m going to lock your dick up in. I’m wearing the sweetest dress and espadrille wedge peep toe heels which offer the hottest views of my toes, soles, and heels… Some photos are captioned, some have artistic editing, and others are without either. you’re going to be desperate to be locked up in chastity for Me while being an utter slave to My perfect pretty feet.

22 pictures/ $9.99 /

Homewrecking JOI Night 2

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: In this series you sneak out of bed and watch this behind your wife/gfs back while shes sleeping, and set on route to a fun and devious homewrecking rendezvous

This is Night 2 and you also get a 30 second cum countdown to stroke to which sends you back to bed with her but totally drained and having even less interest in her

This is more of the seductive, arrogant Princess but mean cold hearted homewrecker version which has lots of hot teasing..

Some nights you don’t get a release, and some you do… in this JOI homewrecker clip you hear me insult your wife, laugh and mock your relationship and make you so addicted to My deviant hotness!

9 minutes long $25.00 /

High heel licking loser

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: I make you lick the bottoms of My high heels, and then smell inside them too while I remind you that you’re not a real man, but just a little foot bitch beta.

I give you foot smelling countdowns which you have to inhale my foot smell and stroke while your Princess Mindy foot fetish becomes the controller of your life.

You will be undeservedly sniffing through my toes, nylons, and even kissing my feet… Licking and smelling my high heels and all while being laughed at and emasculated by Me!

6 minutes long / $8.99 /

Relaxing foot fetish Princess

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Clip Description: Hot oily foot fetish worship with you in submissive mode but with more of a relaxing Princess worship vibe. I don’t talk a lot but there is calm princess vibes and talk of you being so weak and submissive for My perfect feet…

No humiliation but there is the vibe that you’re My foot boy and the visuals are so beautiful, and the things I say are so enchanting that you are definitely going to become deep in love, and lu$t for My pretty feet.

My long amazing legs also look amazing in this clip along with My tall princess body wearing this tight blue body suit. I took so pretty and confidant… you can’t help but become owed by My feet.

7 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Dating My Foot Clips

Monday, February 25th, 2019

you’re in love with My precious powerful pretty feet… they can make you do anything. My long toes, my soft skin, and how pretty they are totally control you.

You are in love with My foot clips, you date them… no other woman or anything comes before My pretty feet, or My foot clips – you belong to My foot clips!

smell my feet, and even the insides of my Prada kitten heel pumps… you even get to lick the bottom of my expensive hot heels.

6 minutes / $17.99 /

Poppers brainwashing joi

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Hardcore Sexy brainwashing & majour popper sniffing with JOI and a cum countdown… as if you can resist this clip – not a chance! There are hundreds of flashing text triggers, commands and reprogramming words that flash on the screen… non stop. Some you can read and others are only for your subconscious mind.

The brainwashing commands I speak and the words that flash tell you to stroke, and sniff, and to stroke more, sniff more, and seduce or trap you into weakness. You cannot resist My beauty, My voice, My words and every stroke takes you deeper… sniff more poppers… more… sniff deeper, hold the inhales, slip away… deeper and deeper.

Good now more poppers… while words dance and flash before your eyes dragging you into an eternal descent into your hottest jerk off popper sniffing mind fuck fantasy… you will be mind fucked and brainwashed… when this clip is done and after you sniff all thee poppers – your mind will be totally rewired and you will be left buzzed, and mind fucked!

The most intense poppers and brainwashing clip you will ever see… *I think this may be My favourite poppers clip of them all*

8 minutes long / $19.99 / 


Homewrecker Breakup Vid

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Mean Homewrecker : The Breakup Vid

Play this homewrecker clip for your wife/gf, let her see this, and watch what happens… yes, this clip is for your wife to watch… and its going to RUIN your relationship. This is a Breakup Clip!

I tell her EVERYTHING… how you prefer My looks, body, and how you think shes boring, and basic. I even warn her not to try and compete with Me because she will only humiliate herself because she cannot compete with me… Im way too pretty for her…

Its best she just go away and get lost because you’re all mine… You’re MY bitch and I will not share your paycheques with her any more…

Watch how I tease and flaunt in front of her, making her ooze with jealousy… she cant stand My tits in hr face, or My pretty face.. uuhh shes going to KNOW shes homewrecked with one look of my feminine powerful body…

Want to break up with your gf or divorce your wife? This is the clip for you…

10 minutes / $14.99 /

Blackmailed by nylon boot feet JOI

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Using my dirty nylon feet in over the knee, kitten heel black boots to TRAP you into REAL blackmail!! Stroke and cum to a blackmail description so real and a guided blackmail visualization that feels so good that you might accidentally actually follow the visualization commands and do it… This is JUST a guided JOI & cum countdown blackmail visualization so no matter how tempting it is or how blurred the lines are just stroke but, don’t actually send me the info and hit send on your application… if you can help it 😉

11 minutes / $16.99 /


Poppers heaven – IBM P3

Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Poppers heaven – Intense poppers breathing method Part 3

This is 45 minutes of intense popper sniffing method part 3, where you sniff non stop, and then you sniff even more poppers while stroking, and worshiping Me! – This time we bump the breathing second up by 2 whole seconds and AS REQUESTED Part 3 has 4 and 5 rounds in a row of sniff commands.

LOTS of verbal sniff commands, counting, guidance, visual sniff commands, AND audio sniff signals… you could watch this clip 5 times before you catch all the mind fuck sniff commands. It will keep you busy and buzzed AF!

NOTE: Part 3 should not be watched without doing at least part 1 first but you really should watch part 1, then 2 and then do this or you will have no idea what you’re doing..

45 minutes long / $70 /

Part 1 I teach a really powerful breathing technique that amplifies your popper experience…

Part 2 expands on it and we really get going. Part 3 is not for light weights hahah and you need to know the technique to follow this clip.

Part 1: | Part 2:

Princess makes u spend

Friday, August 10th, 2018

“Princess Makes You Spend So Much”

YAY I can’t believe we’re in Vegas together… I’m so excited, I’m going to spend SO MUCH of your money this weekend too… You can’t say no to Me, you have no will power with me because I’m too pretty and fun.

Do you like My Kim Kardashian style of dress? you can see through it and its pretty sexy… you’re lucky to be here with Me, I look really good.

You can’t say no to Princess, I make you want to spend and spend… you’re totally going to be spending sooo much this weekend. I’m so expensive. Yay, lets go! :))

6 minutes long / $9.99 /

Addicted to adult biz Girls

Thursday, August 9th, 2018

You are so hooked on minxy Women in the adult business… you don’t like normal girls at all, you like Women who lure in men, prey on them, then taunt and exploit them with their femininity and Female bodies.

You cannot stop stroking and touching yourself to big Princess bouncy round boobs like mine… My curves make you so weak. You can’t stay away, you need to give in to My clips like this. You have to, you have to pay and stroke.

Drool away and stroke while you worship My curvy body and big Princess tits being bounced in your face..

6 minutes / $8.99 /