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7 Day Public Humiliation Pervert Tasks Schedule

Friday, May 15th, 2020

7 days worth of fun but humiliating tasks which you will do in public… I would say these are light to moderate in public humiliation but some give high humiliation thrills…
7 days of details are on a calendar style PDF image which you can save to your phone, tablet or computer for easy reading while on the assignment.
JOI – Humiliation – Cum Eating – AND MORE!
Some days are only an hour of your time while others could be done while at work putting you on this task for hours of Princess Mindy servitude fun.
2 page PDF which is viewable to read from any device


This has a range of fetishes from lightly humiliating to potentially lightly degrading but the focus is on humiliating and fun. Lots of jerking off and even a day with cum eating instructions… This is a great way to experiment, serve Me in private or warm up.. This is for losers or perverts!

Moonlight Masturbation addict spell

Friday, March 13th, 2020

This powerful magic spell has a penis stroking ritual that will leave you totally addicted to jerking off for the rest of your life.
All you have to do is stroke your penis to these magical instructions and take part in the JOI ritual and watch how My magic has you totally addicted to masturbation with black magic!

$15 text instructional ritual spell / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Spell Link: “”

Cum eating human atm machine training

Friday, July 19th, 2019

Cum eating human atm machine training includes SO much perverted financial stroking in very unique, and creative ways which results in you jerking off for upwards of hours in a money slave way… You will end up eating your cum and possibly out in public too.. You will stroke to financial games which result in cum eating orgasms which may or may not happen in public in a findom way- yes the details are epic and extremely mind reprogramming and pleasurable!

Photos, gifs and lots of JOI, and CEI instructions are in this training assignment… if you enjoy financial domination this is a highly exciting task with huge thrills – even if you don’t actually spend youre going to become trained into being a cum eating, Findom jerk off junkie who cant get hard at porn, only paying me! Watch how easy it is to follow my financial perverted steps and how easy you get converted into a spend-robot! Get ready to eat that cum and spend that cash! *keeps you busy for 1 – 3 hours*

Detailed text slave training assignment / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

10 ways to become a dirty sissy fast!

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

This assignment has TONS of slutty reading which will give you 10 amazing skanky ways to become a real life slutty skanky sissy who has never been easier, dirtier or sleazier!!! You will have so many tasks to do that will make you fuck, suck, and degrade yourself all while turning you into the biggest dick sucker on earth! You will be doing feminization, humiliation, actually gender transformation training, and much more… by the time you’re done this assignment, you will be the biggest whore on the block! have Fun!

Text assignment with pics / $13.69 /

Degraded public loser JOI

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Are you a serious loser who can handle REAL humiliation and even cum to it? I’m going to put you on a public degrading and humiliation assignment that will make you stroke and release in the grossest public place.

This is so you can prove to Me that you are a real actual loser boy who loves to be humiliated and do dumb things for Hot Females. You can’t impress Me easily, its going to take real humiliation, out in public and showing Me that you can get off when the pressure is on… anything for Me!

This is degrading, probably humiliating, it’s in public and its a lot of loser stroking. Losers Only! #SlaveAssignment #PublicTask #PublicJOI #PublicHumiliation #CEI

7 minutes long / $15 /

Full moon collective power exchange spell

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

This amazing opportunity gives you the chance to be drained and sucked from your energy and personal power, every full moon for the rest of your life as youre converted into a real life human stepping stone – The goal? My ever growing ABUNDANCE, POWER, Filthy stinking rich continuously growing fortunes and My compounding beauty which keeps on magnifying!!

This is almost 10 pages of cult like reading which merges real science with the powers of the universe to soak and snuff every last vibration from your energy field leaving you a fully wilted limp being with nothing but drained of your energy reservoir and worth nothing… while I become more and more rich and powerful all from the collective offerings from YOU and all slave participating in this sexy ritual… its the ultimate sacrifice.

Will you offer up your very own protoplasma, your energy, your manhood and allow it to be taken for My world domination?? Learn what your mind and body are capable of while you enjoy ALL this reading which traps and entices you into the vortex… You will be dazzled with my words and before you know it – BOOM – you’re in the beam totally magnetized and having My personal energy vampires take your force from you… slowly but surely and give it ALL to Me!

This is not just some quick slave task… this is a sort of cult that will effect you in your mind, cock and energy sources… You will feel real sensations AND you may be active and collectively participate with 100s of other slaves right from your own bed every single full moon… Just imagine having a reason for living, finally… your boring life will now have a HUGE reason for existing

**this is REAL, FUN, AND VERY POWERFUL – dont miss out**

10+ pages of text / $19.99 /
Create REAL MAGIC by My guidance and join the other bewitched zombies who have been woo’d by My vast knowledge of the laws of the universe and my ability to so playfully weave together a master plan to see to My best ever possible reality… all while you dwindle and become even more pathetic… become a stepping stone NOW – join the cult. Dedicate your full moons to this magic spell and forever be an entranced transmitting slave under My evil irresistible spell now!

approximately 10+ pages of reading with perfect descriptions of how to exchange power under the full moon

Build a Shrine to God Mindy

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Learn how to build a serious beta fan shrine to worship in true Femdom junkie fashion…

I give you all the steps needed so that you have ti engage and be active in this by getting supplies from in public and also the chance of looking stupid in public too. As well how to spend your life worshipping at the Shrine of God Mindy


How to Land a Girl in 10 Hours

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

who knows how long its been since you’ve been on a date with a sexy Lady or even got any good pussy for that matter… GET A CHICK IN 10 HOURS!!

You will end up on a hot date with a hot Chick too good for you within about 10 hours GUARANTEED. I can guarantee you get to eat pussy too… the whole nines. A hot date, pussy AND you WILL even get to cum this time too.

Want to get a hottie tonight? Buy this and follow all instructions now!

Instructions text with photos page / $10 /

(Beta) New Years Resolutions

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

5 New Years Resolutions for betas that will require you to drop down even lower to fulfill these amazing self stretching, Mindy expanding New Years Resolutions!

fun femdom reading / $5 /

weak vulnerable man quiz

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Hi slave,

I have a fun and very accurate quiz that I would love for you to take. You see, I love having lots of slaves, it makes me feel powerful and sort of feeds this deviant side to Me. The only problem is some slaves don’t make the cut – you know, some slaves are struggling with the fact they are more submissive than not or are hanging on to the idea that maybe one day, just one day maybe they might be an Alpha man… I know, silly right?

Slaves should just go ahead and enjoy themselves even if it is on your knees with my foot in your mouth while I  wink at you and tease you while cleaning your accounts out… how can this happen if you’re still fighting with the wannabe man bits left inside you?

How about My good boy slaves who are happy to be totally obedient to Me, sometimes they need me to help them discover who they are and learn about themselves. Of course there are also other good reasons one might need this quiz and if just for fun or curiosity alone by the end of this quiz you are going to learn just how weak and vulnerable to a deceptive sexy vixen like Me who often prances all over the backs of men…

Are you weak and easy to you? A total beta or do you have a few manly fibers in your body?? Take my quiz now and find out how much of a real man you are… or are not! (this is not a clip its a quiz)


a month of feminization

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

this is a custom clip for a dick sucking gay boy who needs to be feminized and converted into something useful, like a cock sucking cum guzzler.

Watch this clip to do these things I say for a whole month and if you do, you WILL become a huge gay dick loving girly boy and the last of your pathetic manhood will be gone!

Get ready to become an actual Femme

7 minutes long / $8.99 /

50 CBT Tasks

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Hi, slave. Today is going to be a fun and amusing one… for Me. I’m giving you 50 CBT tasks for you to complete that will leave you feeling like a huge beta freak. I’m going to enjoy each time this is purchased and done by one of you abused bitches because the things I’ve come up with you to do are mean, hilarious and SO humiliating for you!

Have fun fucking your mind, cock and balls up for me… Possible JOI & CEI too – Get your dick in servitude for Me now!


add the password instantly given after payment to this URL “”

BBC Addiction Training – Week 2

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

1 full week of instructions on 8 pages of BBC  instructions to train you into being an addicted dick slave to black big cock!

(This is week 2. Do week 1 first)

For the next 7 days your while life will consist of cock, sucking and other gay stuff. You will be training to be a big black cock addict who needs to suck real cocks. You will be following orders and instructions for each day that will make you feel less and less like a straight man and more like a gay cock slut…

For you, its Cock Over Pussy!


Mindys goon training – week 1

Friday, March 31st, 2017

goon: A silly or foolish person a.k.a. you.

 Ready to see what it’s like as one of my most dedicated and loyal worship bitches? See if you’ve got the nuts (or lack of) to handle the first week? Will your pathetic loser ass make the cut for week two?

This is a week filled with things you must do… 10 things to do to dominate and control your life and make you focus on Me for a whole week straight… you’re going to be suffering, sacrificing and jumping through hoops from morning until night… all for Me!!!

Ready to have slavery take over your life for a week of training??? Get on your knees and get busy!


20 public jerk offs

Friday, August 12th, 2016

hello… Im writing this as an opportunity for you to amuse me through doing a series of fairly pathetic public jerk off and cum tasks which will both make you a huge loser if you do all this and also give you the pathetic rush of being a loser in public.

I know how much you slaves love being humiliated and playing with your pathetic dicks so this slave assignment is going to have you jacking off all over town and doing degrading dirty slave tasks with the risk of getting caught.

Plan to do lots of jacking off and going on a public slave assignment to complete these orders… if you can make it the whole way through you get to have a huge humiliating pathetic orgasm. *slave assignment not a clip*

$8.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through