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Mean girl blackmail (blackmail application)

Friday, May 15th, 2020

I don’t care if you think you spent too much, I don’t care if you’re worried, I don’t care about your thoughts or anything when we’re in blackmail… you just get bossed around and ordered to do things and you get no say so about it at all. Just watch how you send all your info too in this clip, you’re so powerless to Me. Ahh, what an amazing thought!

Treat yourself to the unbelievable but real Princess thoughts on how you become subhuman and turn into a 4 inch plastic square with numbers on it… You don’t have a pulse but you do fit into atm machines and spit out money for Me.

Great, now just follow the orders in this clip and send the full details I ask for in the email you will be sending me and before you know it, you’re going to be My next blackmail pet.

$50 Blackmail application clip Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Melting away with poppers

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

5 minutes of melting away with poppers.. You inhale when prompted and dissolve into total zone out mode and melt away when instructed. You lose track of time, your mind becomes blank and your buzz keeps growing and growing with regular Inhale Prompts… My voice captivates you as you’re guided into another world of Femdom Goddess Worship and total buzzy servitude.
Featuring My pretty face, black boots, cleavage and occasional middle finger!

$9.99 / 5:25 minutes /

Yummy black boots

Monday, April 13th, 2020

you’re beneath Me and you happen to also have a fetish for powerful black boots which is why you’re being put on he floor and made to lick My boots!

I play with you, taunt you and mock you while you kiss kiss kiss and kiss more all over My boots. I stick My pretty tongue out and signal for you to lick them too.

Im being such a brat while I exude My Princess Powers over you while wearing tight black pants, with black boots and a hot bra.. you are such a wimp for Me, you do everything I say because you crave to and can’t resist <3

6:25 minutes / $7.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

So glad you’re here because I felt like dominating you… great, now if you don’t mind Id like you on the ground, on your knees and you can pay some attention to these powerful black Princess Domme boots.. Buy This Clip Now!

you can’t resist Me AT ALL! haha

after party poppers sniffing instructions clip

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Clip Description: 8 minutes of SNIFFING instructions which gets you sooo buzzy and woozy for Me. I just came home from a night out and Im buzzed Myself, and its not okay for Me to be more buzzed than you so I really make you sniff like crazy to catch up with Me..

A nighttime setting with Me looking beautiful, you almost feel like you’re with Me, partying and having a good time. I tell you all about My night and how expensive it was and guess what? you paid for it too!

Have your SNIFFERS bottle ready and watch this now for some amazing Femdom fun!

8 minutes long / $17.99 /

Surrendering with poppers

Monday, August 26th, 2019

Try not to pay attention to the double layers as they mind fuck you, just focus on the inhale bottle.. when it comes to you or you are prompted to sniff, do so!

5 minutes long / $15 /

Shiny green spandex addict

Monday, August 26th, 2019

you’re mind fucked, addicted, and mesmerized by My shiny green spandex… Just look how amazing My tall Princess body is, how powerful I feel, and delicious I look. you cave INSTANTLY! 
Get on your knees and drool away while My shiny green spandex mind fucks you.

5 minutes long / $14.99 /

$3500 puppy paid purse

Monday, August 26th, 2019

My puppy bought Me a $3500 YSL red bag and this brag video is extra fun because it includes mall photos and videos of Me shopping for this purse.Watch now and see how amazing this beautiful YSL shiny red bag looks on Me, and hear all about how it was paid for by My slave!

9 minutes long / $11.99 /

your GF is the dirt on the bottom of My shoes

Monday, August 12th, 2019

The dirt on the bottom of My shoes is your girlfriend, and you’re lucky the dirt on the bottom of my shoe would even consider you to date…. Wow just look how beautiful the dirt on the bottom of My shoes is, you’re going to want to make out with her when you get a look at her close up.

In this clip I introduce you to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes and thanks to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes, you don’t have to be alone any more! Now you’re dating My shoe dirt.

I humiliate you, laugh at you, and look hot while making you  bitch to the dirt on the bottom of My shoes… enjoy loser!

7 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Ring off home wrecking.

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

I’m guiding you into taking your wedding ring off because it will make Me smile… your wife is boring to look at, and shes basic with nothing fun about her. Enjoy watching a natural homewrecker in action as I easily lead you into taking your wedding ring off for hours!

6 minutes long / $17.99/ Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Sissy slut tips for real dick

Friday, August 9th, 2019

I give real tips that work for many of my sissies which gets them real dick in their mouths in real life! Hear the amazing sites/tips that will lead you right into the cock of a man, and also hear how my recent sissy did one of these tips and now hes sucking BBC on the weekends!

3 amazing slutty tips to get dick in your mouth this week!

11 minutes long / $19.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Mentally controlled mind fuck

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

you’re totally magnetize to Mindy Land, you can’t even think about leavings because you’re literally trapped in my gravitational sexy energetic field. This is a powerful current that mind fucks you…
you have had your mind played with so many times and been treated to so much manipulation from me that now your mind is total MU$H!!! you adore My calm, Alpha Princess vibes, and how I just decide and proclaim my control and dominance over your life…
I do things to make you mesmerized, and woozy from My entrancing words and visual layers… This clip is perfect for Mindy addicts who love to have their minds played with and love to feel trapped, zombified, and mind fucked!

9 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

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Homewrecking JOI Night 3 w Poppers

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Clip Description: Sneak out of bed when SHE is snoozing and hide and watch this clip behind her back… This is Night 3 in this homewrecking nighttime JOI clip series. Tonight you get poppers, and a cum countdown because as I brag, insult her, laugh at her, and show off, I’m not going to send you off to bed with her horny… you might bond, and have sex. No, I’m going to let you have a release but first were going to say lots of amazing Princess Mindy Affirmations that will make you forget all about her! I make you kiss my ass, stroke, and even punch your balls for Me in this clip… you’re not HER man, you’re My bitch 😉 Vibe: seductive, arrogant, wife humiliating, trying to get you in trouble, being a bad influence, JOI, cum count down, manipulation, saying you love me which angers your wife/gf, Homewrecking#Ballbusting, #Cum Countdown, #FemDom Princess, #Humiliation, #Jeans Fetish, #JOI, #Party Girls, #Tit Worship, Homewrecker Fantasy, Mind Fuck

17 minutes long / $22.22 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Bottle service VIP dick sucker

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Clip Description: Become a VIP dick sucker and suck off tons of VIP Alpha guys and club owners while you’re hanging out with Me, and My hot GFs… BECOME THE SISSY SLUT IN THE GIRL CREW NOW!! Im looking for a new slut to hang out and party with Me and My gfs, all you have to do is give the club owners blow jobs at the end of the night to pay for my VIP treatment… Also I teach you tips, and very valuable boy seducing tips that will teach you how to make ANY HOT GUY want you badly!!! JOI, and Cum Countdown are given while you stroke and cum to a huge cock which I load in the clip… #BBC JOI, #Big Dicks, #Cum Countdown, #Dick Sucking, #FemDom POV, #Huge Cock, #JOI, #Sissy Slut, #Slave Training, #Slut Training Fantasy,Gay 4 Pay, Sissy Slave

16 minutes long / $20 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Expensive poppers sniffing & tits clips addict

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: You LOVE tits, expensive poppers clips, and seductive manipulative Women who tease, and taunt you while getting you so buzzed on poppers.
I’m so beautiful, and tasty looking with my tight outfit, and when I hold the bottle of poppers towards you, you know its your hint to sniff. you sniff and sniff while DROOLING over My tits which are showing in this lace body suit – oops, that was a total accident but a great reason to raise the price.
There are repeated non stop sniffs, guided breathing techniques which makes your poppers intense, and commands for you to stroke, sniff and repeat.
My boobs and sniff commands are going to have you watching this on repeat for hours!

5 minutes long / $100 /

Homewrecking JOI Night 2

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: In this series you sneak out of bed and watch this behind your wife/gfs back while shes sleeping, and set on route to a fun and devious homewrecking rendezvous

This is Night 2 and you also get a 30 second cum countdown to stroke to which sends you back to bed with her but totally drained and having even less interest in her

This is more of the seductive, arrogant Princess but mean cold hearted homewrecker version which has lots of hot teasing..

Some nights you don’t get a release, and some you do… in this JOI homewrecker clip you hear me insult your wife, laugh and mock your relationship and make you so addicted to My deviant hotness!

9 minutes long $25.00 /