Press Send 4 The Blackmail orgasm

Press Send 4 The Blackmail orgasm – guided blackmail stroking & info sending *updated*

This is like Part 2 of ” Guided Explosive Blackmail Stroking” which almost every person who watches becomes a victim to it… its VERY hot and very real… your cock WILL get addicted…
However, despite all the emails I get telling me how hot it is, most say theyre too scared to hit send, but NOTHING has ever got them that close before…Well…
This clip is a guided jack off masturbation, press send to cum clip… You will jack off the way I jack my dick… and cum the way I say to cum… and yeah you will be cuming with one hand and Pressing Send with the other! 🙂
(((There is NO WAY you can resist this… you WILL have a huge blackmail cum which makes you press send… I win!)))

This clip is all about Pressing “send”… you will press send! 😉

4 minutes/.mp4/ $10


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