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Yummy black boots

Monday, April 13th, 2020

you’re beneath Me and you happen to also have a fetish for powerful black boots which is why you’re being put on he floor and made to lick My boots!

I play with you, taunt you and mock you while you kiss kiss kiss and kiss more all over My boots. I stick My pretty tongue out and signal for you to lick them too.

Im being such a brat while I exude My Princess Powers over you while wearing tight black pants, with black boots and a hot bra.. you are such a wimp for Me, you do everything I say because you crave to and can’t resist <3

6:25 minutes / $7.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

So glad you’re here because I felt like dominating you… great, now if you don’t mind Id like you on the ground, on your knees and you can pay some attention to these powerful black Princess Domme boots.. Buy This Clip Now!

you can’t resist Me AT ALL! haha

Shiny green spandex addict

Monday, August 26th, 2019

you’re mind fucked, addicted, and mesmerized by My shiny green spandex… Just look how amazing My tall Princess body is, how powerful I feel, and delicious I look. you cave INSTANTLY! 
Get on your knees and drool away while My shiny green spandex mind fucks you.

5 minutes long / $14.99 /

Dating My Foot Clips

Monday, February 25th, 2019

you’re in love with My precious powerful pretty feet… they can make you do anything. My long toes, my soft skin, and how pretty they are totally control you.

You are in love with My foot clips, you date them… no other woman or anything comes before My pretty feet, or My foot clips – you belong to My foot clips!

smell my feet, and even the insides of my Prada kitten heel pumps… you even get to lick the bottom of my expensive hot heels.

6 minutes / $17.99 /

The lower self dimension

Monday, June 5th, 2017

Using the laws of the universe in extreme mind fuck to grab you out of this reality and drag you down to your lowest self…

I take you into 4 or 5 different dimensions within yourself and awaken your brand new addiction for this kind if mental wizardry. My hot body and pretty face are so sedating that this clip needs to be watch once with the video and again without the video and only the audio as this is too much magical mind fuck for your puny mind to comprehend while staring at those unfair curvy visuals.

You will be struck by my deep knowledge and ability to shift you through parallel realities and expose you to your other existences… Once we hit your lower self I start to laugh because I know this is real and without ME, you cant shift back into who you were before you watched this clip… You become stranded in your lowest reality

If you like your mind being fucked with then this clip is a must!! *oh yeah, bring your poppers*

15 minutes long / $17.99 / 


Owned by My shiny body

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

My big shiny bouncy breasts, bubble butt and curvy tall body are here to fuck your mind over in this super sexy Shiny Bodysuit!!

Im so fucking mean to you as I tease and flaunt my hot shiny body… fucking with your head and asserting my control over your pathetic life… hahaha I laugh at how pathetic and weak you are!

I stick my shiny ass in your face, jiggle & shake my big boobs in your face and act like a huge brat while I laugh & humiliate you…

My shiny body owns your ass!

9 minutes long / $9.99 /

Shiny Sadistic Kitten

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

wearing my tight shiny kitten costume while being the vicious kitty I usually am… describing painful bratty acts against your mind and body…
enjoy the sound of my claws slowly slicing your back and balls as I scratch and poke you… batting you around and unraveling you like my own personal ball of yarn…
wanna be dismantled and assaulted by a bratty evil sadistic Princess kitten in a shiny sexy kitty costume? yeah you do, loser… so watch this and be ready to be violated and love it!

9 minutes / $11 /

Expensive Designer Boots

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Trying On My New Expensive Designer Boots

These sexy $836 Sergio Rossi boots were a gift off my wishlist from a horny slave of mine… Im wearing pink shiny wet look leggings and a cue Jessica Simpson blouse…
Watch me try on my boots and show them off a little… See how excited these expensive boots make me and hear some of the ideas I have for them… like stomping your balls and making lots of money in them!
this clip will get you hooked on my spoiled personality and make any boot bitches cock rock hard! (6 mins)


25 HOT shiny foil dress pics

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

25 large, hires professional Goddess worship photos of Me in an expensive foil dress!


Fetishes: shiny, legs, goddess worship, Princess, sexy heels, middle finger, seductive, bratty

Green Spandex Worship

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

wait until you see my perfect curves, bubble but, curves of my muscles and my exotic shape… spandex doesnt hide anything & the way I flaunt my spandex legs and ass off will make you my new spandex addict!

5 minutes/$5/mp4

Shiny CatSuit hypnosis

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Shiny Cat Suit Mind control Princess

Adore, worship & be captivated by my shiny black cat suit… MMM my curves and deviant seduction along with my crafty fetish mind fuck dialogue taunts with your pea brain as my power takes you over – hahaha resist My shiny juicy body as I move slowly and look through you with such exotic mysterious bratty eyes… Not going to happen…
As I shove my shiny ass right in your face… telling you how you cant resist me… and then snapping my fingers to implant the spoken programming in your vulnerable brain!
Drool over my long shiny cat suit legs, shiny ass, long hair and sexy face and all My mischievous looks… While having me work my magic over your mind!

Length: 10 minutes


Shiny Black Cat-suit Fetish Princess Pics

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Just look how great I am, Im so powerful – I look like sexy spoiled villain on the loose (more…)

3 HOT, Thick ass & thighs pictures! Worship pics (shiny blue outfit)

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

My hot ass and thighs, while Im wearing a shiny blue tight little jumper. HOT HOT HOT!!! These are worship pics… (more…)

NEW Worship Pic

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Thank Me for this awesome pic! Thank Me for the amazing picture… My WishList / NiteFlirt Tribute $100.00