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Yummy black boots

Monday, April 13th, 2020

you’re beneath Me and you happen to also have a fetish for powerful black boots which is why you’re being put on he floor and made to lick My boots!

I play with you, taunt you and mock you while you kiss kiss kiss and kiss more all over My boots. I stick My pretty tongue out and signal for you to lick them too.

Im being such a brat while I exude My Princess Powers over you while wearing tight black pants, with black boots and a hot bra.. you are such a wimp for Me, you do everything I say because you crave to and can’t resist <3

6:25 minutes / $7.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

So glad you’re here because I felt like dominating you… great, now if you don’t mind Id like you on the ground, on your knees and you can pay some attention to these powerful black Princess Domme boots.. Buy This Clip Now!

you can’t resist Me AT ALL! haha

Mentally controlled mind fuck

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

you’re totally magnetize to Mindy Land, you can’t even think about leavings because you’re literally trapped in my gravitational sexy energetic field. This is a powerful current that mind fucks you…
you have had your mind played with so many times and been treated to so much manipulation from me that now your mind is total MU$H!!! you adore My calm, Alpha Princess vibes, and how I just decide and proclaim my control and dominance over your life…
I do things to make you mesmerized, and woozy from My entrancing words and visual layers… This clip is perfect for Mindy addicts who love to have their minds played with and love to feel trapped, zombified, and mind fucked!

9 minutes long / $17.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

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Intense poppers breathing method 2

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

This is the JOI cum countdown, Part 2 of “Intense poppers breathing method” and this long 30 minute INTENSE popper commands sniffing clip is filled with non stop popper sniffing commands using this intense breathing technique, along with teasing and brattiness…
You have sooo many guided popper commands and sniff sound triggers along with being guided the whole time to get the most out of every popper sniff by using holds, slow inhales, exhales and other breathing techniques.
You will be inhaling poppers while jerking off and even SNIFF THROUGH a cum countdown., have you ever had an orgasm while on an intense popper inhale??? well you will after this mind fuck popper clip. PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH PART 1 FIRST *you wont understand the breathing method unless you are taught in part 1 first.
Part 1: “”

30 minutes / $50 /

FYI: this clip gained A LOT of attention and is VERY popular on other platforms… don’t miss out!

Real life intox cuckold story

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

This is a very deviant and REAL story about how My ex bf got cheated on by me on a night out partying with my friends…

Many slaves have asked me about this story over the years and they LOVE all the dark cruel details so i figured it would be fun to make a clip about it and confess in full detail just how evil I was to this ex bf… but don’t worry, he deserved it hahaha

This story involves INTOX, cheating, cuckold an bf humiliation and obviously Mean Girls/Cruel Goddess

12 minutes long / $15 /

Shiny Goddess Boots

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

I make these silver thigh high boots look even more stunning as they engulf much of my leg. You cant resist my hot body in this gorgeous sparkly wine bodysuit… it hugs my Goddess body so perfectly and makes you get so submissive!

My powerful boots are enough to ruin any boot bitch and even convert any man into a boot lover.

Adore My amazing style and my high quality while all My power and beauty becomes your #1 way to stroke.

5 minutes long / $7.77 /

Late night JOI homewrecking cheating

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Homewrecking ASMR whisper mode is in effect in this clip so you can as I instruct, watch this late at night after sneaking out of bed with your wife or girlfriend so you can stroke and worship Me behind her back…

I guide you into TWO 30 second cum countdowns which will leave your mind totally blown away by My hotness and your balls totally drained so you go back to bed 100% disinterested in her! haha #Homewrecker!

Focus on My eyes as you stroke – this cultivates serious magic that will make your cock explode.

OMG My lace bodysuit shows WAY WAY more than I realized – I may not have filmed in this had I known My Princess body was this exposed… oh well Ill up the price and Goddess Tits addicts will go mental over the hotness. Wife/gf? what wife? shes history!

7 minutes long / $50 /

homewrecked wife email

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

his ALMOST homewrecked wife emailed Me!!

This is real homewrecking in action… My slaves wife emailed me (and it was really her) and sent me a bunch of rude stuff and told Me his spending was over and for Me to leave them alone and move on hahaha

The following clip is something kind of bad I did that wifey would be sooooo mad at if she knew.

Watch me humiliate her, brag about having more control of her husband than she does and show you how I STILL spend his money behind her back! This clip is sooo bratty & mean ((what do you guys think, should I email the link to this clip to his wife??))

11 minutes / $10 /

poppers and leather

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

have your bottle of ready and get ready to sniff ON YOUR KNEES while drooling over my powerful black outfit.

Black leather skirt, black fishnets, a black crop top and amazing black buckle boots which make you feel like an inferior bug on the ground…

OMFG I make you sniff SOOO much in this clip, you’re going to be so fked up and buzzed so hard… I show off and put you on your knees while encouraging you to sniff and even guiding you through the hardest sniff session you’ve ever had.

sniffing to this outfit makes you a wimpy beta buzzed doormat for me to walk all over

10 minutes / $11.99 /

The rules of your life!

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Im a pigtail wearing vicious brat who uses my hot curves and total dominance against you – turning you into my voiceless minion, slave and life long robot who lives ONLY to obey My commands… After you drool over me in my shiny kitty costume I tell you the rules of your life… THESE RULES MUST BE OBEYED & YOU MUST FOLLOW these rules for the rest of your life… Look how sexy my tall curvy body is and my pretty face just makes you even weaker… but, Im such a bitchy Princess… I just insult, belittle and emasculate you all while using my prettiness against you… are you ready to hear your new slave life rules you MUST live by???? ALL slaves need to watch this so they can learn their roles! #OBEYMINDY

7 minutes long/ $8.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Goddess in over the knee boots

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

youre so weak and submissive for me in my black over the knee boots… they make you so addicted to me.
You belong on the ground at my feet, just like in this clip. youre on the ground where you belong while I assert my control and beauty over you
become a wimpy addicted slave owned by my expensive Surgio Rossi boots

 3 1/2 minutes long / $8.99 /

exotic hotties control your dick

Friday, January 1st, 2016

aww you wish you could land an exotic hottie like me but instead all you get are boring vanilla basic plain Jane types that dont even make your dick hard haha
look at my luscious lips, my exotic curves, my dark 24/7 tanned skin and my biracial features… its all so hot and sexy. Not to mention what a vivacious tasty Princess I am with amazing style – I make your cock throb so hard and too bad for you – you are NOT good enough for me!!!
I make fun of the boring plain girls you get, and then taunt and tease you and flaunt myself around and act like an arrogant little prick tease who admits she only uses you for profit and entertainment
adore my pretty face, sexy makeup job, my dark big brown bambi eyes, my shiny pouty full lips, my cute little round button nose and amazing cute outfit… ahhh too bad you didnt suck so bad and you weren’t a real man – you might be able to get an exotic amazing Princess like me!
I make you desire me while I emasculate you and insult your current gf/wife

8:20 minutes long / $8.99 /

Bitch for expensive boots

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

here I am again in my almost 1k Sergio Rossi boots. These sexy boots make you so weak and vulnerable to me and you HAVE to obey everything I command

Your cock gets hard and tingles deeply when you watch this clip… your heart rate increases and you get hot… watch how this happens to you from my verbal suggestions when you’re staring at my sexy boots.. You get horny and weak… I exploit that…

Look at my long strong dark legs and my sheer panties ass in your face while I extend my leg in POV style right into teh camera and start telling you how I control you and youre just a bitch for my boots

get owned by my boots and hotness now

9 minutes / $10.99 /


Forced Homewrecking Wanking

Monday, October 26th, 2015

you better keep jacking off to my clip or Ill tell your wife/gf what a pervert you’ve been behind her back… haha yep, thats right, now that Im used to your entertainment and cash coming in, Im not letting you stop!!!You can start jerking off right now and dont bother stopping… ever! I make you a deal, all you have to do i jack off and agree to the homewrecking masturbation and spending terms I give you in the clip & I wont tell your wife/gf what a little pervert you are behind her back… you dont want me to hurt her by telling her all about your dirty cheating ways do you? haha you better pull out that dick and follow my JOI orders in this clip then. Now!

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Lick my boots clean bitches

Friday, March 6th, 2015

the only thing youre good for is licking my fucking boots clean… you dont even deserve a bed… you deserve to live in my closet and spend your life worshiping and cleaning my boots
get busy, loser… lick my boots clean NOW!

5 mins / $8.99 /


Friday, March 6th, 2015

I have a mickey of Grey Goose and I’ve been so kind as to let you hang out with me like a bug on the wall and watch me make a drink… BUT THEN. I turn my attention to you and request you to get liver damage for me by making a CRAZY ass strong drink!!!

look how sexy I look walking around in Paige jeans, a Tory Burch cardigan, Frye Boots and enjoy my natural bratty confidant way about myself… Get the details on the drink I want you to drink and then drink it… if you dare!!
have your hard liquor ready when watching this clip!

4 mins / $7.99 /