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AVN Nylons and Sparkly Heels

Thursday, April 9th, 2020

You’re worshiping My nylons and licking My Jimmy Choo heels clean IN PUBLIC.. I’ve also attached some other bits like Me presenting two awards, and showing off My dress.

6 minutes long / $6.66 /

Can you just imagine all the grime you will be licking off these heels after I’ve been walking around in Vegas!? Have fun!

The Full AVN Awards 2020 Video & Post will be coming soon! Its months late but I do plan to show My AVN Awards 2020 blog post and video so keep your intoxicated eyes out for that! If you didn’t know I was invited to the AVN Awards 2020 and offered the opportunity to present 2 awards. I was nominated in Favourite Domme so I wasn’t allowed to present for that BUT I got the coolest award category to present in and it was all around super cool. Its a blog post and video you 100% want to see!

Homewrecking JOI Night 2

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: In this series you sneak out of bed and watch this behind your wife/gfs back while shes sleeping, and set on route to a fun and devious homewrecking rendezvous

This is Night 2 and you also get a 30 second cum countdown to stroke to which sends you back to bed with her but totally drained and having even less interest in her

This is more of the seductive, arrogant Princess but mean cold hearted homewrecker version which has lots of hot teasing..

Some nights you don’t get a release, and some you do… in this JOI homewrecker clip you hear me insult your wife, laugh and mock your relationship and make you so addicted to My deviant hotness!

9 minutes long $25.00 /

High heel licking loser

Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Clip Description: I make you lick the bottoms of My high heels, and then smell inside them too while I remind you that you’re not a real man, but just a little foot bitch beta.

I give you foot smelling countdowns which you have to inhale my foot smell and stroke while your Princess Mindy foot fetish becomes the controller of your life.

You will be undeservedly sniffing through my toes, nylons, and even kissing my feet… Licking and smelling my high heels and all while being laughed at and emasculated by Me!

6 minutes long / $8.99 /

Blackmailed by nylon boot feet JOI

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Using my dirty nylon feet in over the knee, kitten heel black boots to TRAP you into REAL blackmail!! Stroke and cum to a blackmail description so real and a guided blackmail visualization that feels so good that you might accidentally actually follow the visualization commands and do it… This is JUST a guided JOI & cum countdown blackmail visualization so no matter how tempting it is or how blurred the lines are just stroke but, don’t actually send me the info and hit send on your application… if you can help it 😉

11 minutes / $16.99 /


Poppers heaven – IBM P3

Thursday, October 25th, 2018
Poppers heaven – Intense poppers breathing method Part 3

This is 45 minutes of intense popper sniffing method part 3, where you sniff non stop, and then you sniff even more poppers while stroking, and worshiping Me! – This time we bump the breathing second up by 2 whole seconds and AS REQUESTED Part 3 has 4 and 5 rounds in a row of sniff commands.

LOTS of verbal sniff commands, counting, guidance, visual sniff commands, AND audio sniff signals… you could watch this clip 5 times before you catch all the mind fuck sniff commands. It will keep you busy and buzzed AF!

NOTE: Part 3 should not be watched without doing at least part 1 first but you really should watch part 1, then 2 and then do this or you will have no idea what you’re doing..

45 minutes long / $70 /

Part 1 I teach a really powerful breathing technique that amplifies your popper experience…

Part 2 expands on it and we really get going. Part 3 is not for light weights hahah and you need to know the technique to follow this clip.

Part 1: | Part 2:

Credit card stroke training

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

You’re going to stroke your dick to credit card training and then also eat your cum with a 10 second rude disinterested countdown… I make you masturbate with your credit card while I program your mind to become a stroking human ATM machine…

Money bots dont have feelings, they’re not people and thats what you are… just an object that dispenses money for Me. Look at My tall hot Goddess body, you cannot resist This slightly mind fucking brain training clip. You know what, I only keep you around so you can buy Me more Jimmy Choo heels… Kiss My heels loser, now think about all that cash Im doing to ruthlessly take from you… now kiss them and start jerking off.

This is the best credit card training a loser could have… once you cum and lick it up to these credit card slave instructions, youre going to become a real life spend bot!!

7 minutes / $14.99 /

Power exchange full moon clip

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Imagine if EACH full moon you became more and more impotent, premature ejaculating, a wilted beta whos energy is DRAINED from with each full moon.. All the while *My* Power grows and grows, My beauty gets more and more beautiful, I get wealthier and wealthier, My empire expands to impressive measures… I become a powerhouse bombshell!!

Every single full moon YOU are taken from and your personal power and manhood are used as sacrifice to My perfection… You’re nothing more than a living source of fuel for My Personal satisfaction and power hahaha You’ll be stroking and using your pea brain to offer up any hope YOU ever had at being more than a beta and giving it away to Mindy land so that *I* can keep on growing and advancing.

Stroke to My magic words and give up your first offering in cum and sexual energy with a spell casting CUM COUNTDOWN you cannot resist… I pierce your cum energy with my magical dagger which locks you into the Power Exchange Moon Spell for the rest of your life!

Participate with 100s of other slaves every full moon – THIS IS REAL and I am very pleased with this ritual which will give you so much purpose and meaning to your life like never before… wait until you see how good it feels to be used like this and how amazing it feels to help grow My power at your cost!

10 minutes / $19.99 /


Out of body magic spell

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Lift out of your body for a magical spell casting Out Of Body experience by watching my magic pendulum sway back and forth in front of some very exotic and curvy visuals… these too help disarm and weaken you…
You will become a robot, totally mind controlled… your cock will be teased and turned into an object of My use when you see how BEAUTIFUL this hot red lace body suit and robe look on me…
My $1000 Holt Renfrew freshwater pearls are so luxe looking and make this the classiest witchy magic clip you have ever saw.
OMG So many fetishes in this clip:: Foot fetish, ass hole fetish, nylons, blackmagic, mesmerize, leg worship, bratty, mind fuck, real magic, floating sensations, mindlessness, reprogramming, training, remolding, pussy denial & tease, high heels
NOTE: My clip quality is becoming AMAZING & high production value however, this clip is my first time using a wireless mic and my inexperience with it created some background noise in a couple of spots in the clip – for this reason the price is not $25 + which something with this much production value and length should be… so enjoy the deal but please note there is a few sound imperfections from the new pro wireless mic (its not that big of a deal)

17 minutes long / $15 /

blackmagic voodoo spell mistress

The power of My Femininity

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

My bubble butt behind these almost shiny nylons will make you so weak and submissive while my tall long body in this pretty blue nightie just makes you ache for my Womanhood.

My girly Princess charms are so enchanting and you cant help but agree with my words of self enlightenment and your respectful servitude – ahh we have a mutually beneficial relationship… you worship and blow smoke up my ass while I show off and allow you access to Mindy Land.

A soft Domination / sweeter Femdom experience which all My beauty is confidently paraded around before you.

7 minutes / $9.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through

Dating Goddess Mindy

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Im such a hard girl to please and wow am I ever a bossy bratty girlfriend… want to hear just how amazing it would be to be my boyfriend? Watch this and hear all the terrible things I usually do to my boyfriends – Im such a handful and sooo mean!

$15 / 7:49 /

Work until you drop

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

uh oh, it looks like I just got even greedier. Oh No, now I want you to work even MORE than you already are – I actually want you to work until you drop from exhaustion… omgosh Im such a brat!!!
Batting my big brown pretty eyes at you while I use a sweet bratty tone and even baby talk while saying the greediest and manipulative things to you… Hear me tell you to work like a mule and how all your spending and back breaking work for me isn’t enough any more!

I want to see you collapse at your desk from fatigue haha aww cupcake come on, look at my cleavage, dont you want to work yourself o the bone for me? Yeah I know you do…youre a paycheque and a living wallet sothat means you have to start making even more and tributing me even more!!!!
info financial domination and money hungry gold digging brats??? This is for you – just wait until you hear all the ways I want you to work and what I want to happen to you just to give me even bigger tributes! 😉
you know you cant resist my pretty face, long legs in nylons, hot big boobs, long dark hair and my deviant little bratty attitude

8 minutes long / $9.00 /

90 day sissy nylon training

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

youre not a real man and I think its time we put you in some nylons and get you being the girly boy you know youre desperate to be… I have all kind of girly instructions and things I suggest for you to do when wearing your nylons too. oh and best of all, this is a 90 day long nylon training assignment for sissies and closet sissies… BUT be careful because this might turn you into a lipstick wearing full on girl!!!grab your nylons and watch now for the lady boy details!

6 1/2 minutes long / $10 /

Personal Slave Pet

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Qualifications to be Princess Mindys personal pet slave

Do you enjoy being disappointed & let down? Then Watch this because not only will you learn what it takes to be a real time slave and personal pet of Mine… but, there is no way you will measure up lol
Drool over how hot I am in this super tight purple dress which shows of all my curves, my amazing European nylons and my beautiful face, hot expensive boots and style…Watch me explain in a bratty dominating style how Ill want a cuckold clean up slave, wallet boy, chauffeur & so much more… Ill basically turn you into a full time 24/7 used object… sounds hot, right?! – well… watch now and see if you qualify… aaand enjoy the disappointment once you realize yet again, you just dont measure up haha xoxox

6 mins/ $7.99 /

Your wife is pissing me off

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Your wife is pissing me off – ditch her now!

This hot homewrecking clip feels very real… so if you like homewrecking this one is sure to make you break up with her – for REAL!!!
Im so sick of your wife/gf… shes really starting to piss me off… calling the house and whining and … uhh I tell her to fuck off and get a life but she cant get over the fact that youre here with me, as my bitch… haha and she probably fucks you – Then I force you on your knees to go smell my pussy and my ass and remind you the smell of my ass is way better than fucking her… so whats it going to be??? My big tits or that sloppy nag???
Fetishes: homewrecking, wife humiliation, smelling, nylons, tit worship, super bratty, nylons, foot fetish

5 minutes / $10 /

Jean Jacket & Black Boots

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Iv had this denim jean jacket for soooo long… I thought it looked pretty hot with my nylons & Holt Renfrew leather/sued mix boots!

25 large Hi-res photos